Tetris Effect

I recently picked up a copy of the newly released Tetris Effect for PS4. It’s easily the best version of Tetris I’ve played, the same classic gameplay (which has already, essentially, been perfected, so didn’t need to change), combined with the rhythm based effects that the Rez team are known for. Backgrounds and music change based on what you do in the Tetris game, for example completing a row on the moon level will make moondust bounce up a little, while getting a Tetris (four rows) will make it bounce higher.

There’s a Journey mode which takes you through every “background” which takes around two hours to complete, along with various other modes that provide different challenges based on the Tetris formula. Completing each stage gives you rank, so there’s a fair amount of replay value if you want to try and get the best rank on every stage.

Although Tetris has been released on other platforms, I hadn’t until now bought a copy (unless you count the old brick game I once owned). There’s a version of Tetris on Steam, but I was put off by the UPlay DRM - Tetris is the kind of game you want to get running quickly without issues. For Tetris Effect I bought a digital version, since it’s a good game to play a quick session of after a longer session of a disc game without having to get up. Admittedly Tetris Effect comes at a steep price for what is essentially “just” Tetris, so maybe wait for a sale if you’re not really into the game (I am), but I also think it would be worth it in the long run if you play a lot of shorter sessions. It also might help justify the purchase of a PSVR if you have one (I have been playing without). My hope is that this is a timed exclusive like Rez Infinite was, and we’ll eventually see Tetris Effect on PC, Switch, and other platforms.

I was relatively interested in this, but am waiting for a PC release so I can play it in VR using my Oculus. I really like some of the music. And apparently, some of the creators of Rez made helped make this?

Yeah it’s the same studio as Rez. Apparently they’ve wanted to do a Tetris game for a while but just recently got a chance to work with the IP.

It’s confirmed for PC. But…


Supports ultra wide displays. But the real question is whether it supports monitors in vertical orientation, as Tetris surely should.

Great, guess I’ll be checking this out soon!

I have to say, with this, Journey, Shenmue III, Quantum Dream’s games, and more, the Epic Games Store is starting to build up a strong lineup of artistic games. Unlike Steam, they seem to be avoiding low quality titles and mobile ports, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I’m not saying I’d shop there out of choice, but having a curated garden of quality games like this might not be a bad thing for PC gaming in the long run.

Just played this today. I guess…I didn’t realize how simple Tetris actually is and I was actually getting kind of bored while playing it.

While I do like the added effects like sounds playing as you move the pieces and the backgrounds changing; in the end, it just amounts to a normal game of Tetris. I found myself waiting for the songs to pick up or become more intense like a proper music game. I guess my expectations from the trailers were overblown.

Still the best way to play Tetris I guess, for short on and off bursts.

That is exactly the best way to play Tetris - in short bursts, before or after playing other games, watching movies, etc. It always has been a fantastic game to play in quick sessions and for this reason I wouldn’t recommend buying Tetris Effect as a physical copy. Ultimately it’s just Tetris, in all it’s great simplicity and completeness; the best version of a classic.

By the way @legaiaflame, I recommend you keep playing until you reach level 50, as a secret level is unlocked. I won’t give away what it is precisely, but if you like nostalgia you should enjoy it. :anjou_happy:

Thanks for the heads up, I’ll keep a look out for it!