Terra Magica

Saori Kobayashi. Eri Ito. Manabu Kusunoki. Who else is feeling extra happy right about now? :anjou_love:

I really dig Dance of Seekers! Awesome! :anjou_love:

Yeah, it’s great. In the Panzer Dragoon games we rarely see any upbeat moments, but realistically there would be some, even in times of war. I can imagine Dance of Seekers playing during a Seeker festival or some other celebration.

Thanks for letting us know about Saori Kobayashi newest album. I love the song Mother sung by Eri Ito.
Although do you think you can clear up something about her albums Kochae and Journey? Why is the composer for the album listed as 茜 -AKANE- and not Saori Kobayashi name.

This is the only pic I can find in the entire PD series artwork, which would go with the mood of Dance of Seekers!

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AKANE is the name of her musical ensemble (with Yumiko Takahashi). Terra Magica is primarily Saori, so it features her name on the cover (although Yumiko Takahashi’s vocals are featured in two of the songs).

Ok, thanks for clearing that up.

I haven’t followed her work outside of PD, but damn this sounds amazing. It’s the most Panzer Dragoon thing since Orta. Feels like a new chapter in the world. Wish it was available on vinyl.

I’ve been listening to Terra Magica all day at work; it really is an amazing album.

@Shakespeare you should listen to Journey as well, it contains some fantastic songs such as “Maboroshi”, although I think Terra Magica tops it as my favourite Saori Kobayashi album since the Panzer Dragoon games. I also really like Crimson Dragon: Side Story’s music.

Just bought the album! Now I have more Panzer Dragoon music to listen to! Well, at least in my imagination…I really like the track “Horizon”. That’s my favorite so far. Great album!

Also, you’re right; I can’t believe how much better the music is in Crimson Dragon: Side Story, compared to the main Crimson Dragon game on Xbox One. It really goes to show you, just how drastic an original musical concept can be totally changed regarding feeling and tone…

Bought the limited CD, I’ll probably do the same for Journey (next paycheck maybe, Dark Souls and Bravely really took a fat bite out of my wallet). These sound absolutely spectacular, not sure why I wasn’t expecting something so perfectly PD (despite the descriptions really touting that aspect). Maybe I’m just used to artists trying to come back to a work they’ve done a long time ago but have evolved their style in a direction far and away from what it used to be and aren’t able to capture it again.

I love the samples I’ve heard and am eager to purchase a copy with my Amazon Gift Card but unfortunately digital music isn’t available to Amazon users outside of the US… :rage:

It is well worth purchasing. You can stream the album for free for a limited number of times as well.

Does anyone who still comes here (yes dispirited lurkers, you too), appreciate the lyrics to this and Journey?

Time-police disorder-complex folks I know, I know, chill out.

If shakespeare’s up for it:
Interesting, knowing the lyrical content might give perspective to what’s going on.

Does anyone know the artist if that concept art? it is really nice

Ah nvm seems like Manabu Kusunoki

Yup, the same guy who also [insert factoid I just retrieved and obsessively rote learnt here].

It seems my English is too difficult for some.

How can one get Japanese lyrics of the albums?
I can’t get a physical copy.