Telepathy theory

so it’s pretty common knowledge that the Sky Rider and Lagi have a sort of telepathic ability to transmit… rather psychedelic trippy visions and images to a person’s head. I’m a little curious about this power. the Sky Rider can obviously talk, so psychic communication isn’t really absolutely necessary.

I have a theory that certain (or most or even all) dragons are created with this ability, as well as their drone riders so that they could communicate quickly and on the wing, if that makes sense. it’s possible that such telepathic visions don’t have to be as long and complicated as the ones that the Sky Rider gives to Keil, or Lagi gives to Edge–the reason why is because they’re trying to explain to the new riders what exactly their mission is. shorter messages could also be conveyed, which can be useful to give instructions to their dragons.

for example, if this power could be inherited by succeeding (and non-drone) dragonriders, like Edge, then that could possibly have been how Lagi had, unbidden, attacked Zastava when he was retreating from them after they awakened Drenholm. Edge didn’t even have to say anything for Lagi to understand his rage towards Zastava since they have a psychic bond, which could also be what Azel was referring to when she claimed that they had become “one”.

personally, I think Azel might also have the same power the Sky Rider and Lagi have. in Saga’s intro, when the monster rips open her wall, Edge has a brief vision of her even before he looked behind him and saw her sleeping there. this flash-forward could be explained to be her telepathy in play–even if she’s hibernating, she might have unconsciously reached out to the minds of the humans who had stepped into her ruin after tens of thousands of years of being totally alone but for the mechanical and non-sentient guardians’ company. obviously, she communicates normally with spoken speech, but if needed, I think she could also transmit messages psychically, like Lagi (who can’t talk outside of Sestren) and the Sky Rider (who was too weak to communicate the whole of his message with words). and, personally, I would say any drone built to ride dragons (Abadd may or may not fall into this category–he created his own dragonmare. Atolm, on the other hand, was engineered specifically to aid Azel, and it’s assumed that the Sky Rider was built just to help Lagi destroy the Towers) has this power, although they might use it sparingly and maybe as a last resort (or when words simply aren’t enough to convey a message) with beings that can communicate verbally.

… I did not mean to write that much, really. and I have a feeling this is really overly messy/rambly. c-can you tell I really like reading TWotA’s theory page. :frowning: okay, back to lurking.

For the most part that all seems possible enough, and I’ve always felt the psychic characterization was fairly evident. The intro to Saga is interesting to me, because it could suggest a possibility that Edge was innately sensitive to the telepathic frequency of the monsters, and therefore Azel. Which would offer up yet another possible explanation for why the dragon chose him. Or it’s just melodramatic and mysterious…

The “synchronizing” between the Ancient systems - as how Azel tells Edge to synchronize his gun with the floater - is something consistently portrayed through the games. And the manner in which the Guardian Fire seems to send messages directly to Edge’s brain, while Paet “hears” nothing at all, further reinforces the idea that all the Ancient technology communicates by some process more like telepathy than anything more conventional. So I personally think it’s the only clear illustration anyway, though I also think the link between two more-or-less sentient systems like a dragon and it’s rider, is a lot more complex and powerful than most other “synchronizing”.

I certainly agree with the ideas mentioned here. Once a rider comes into contact with the dragon, the bonding process seems to create a connection between not only the dragon/rider pair but also the rider and other Ancient technology.

I think Edge was sensitive to the Ancient technology and visions produced by it before he met the dragon, as demonstrated when he sees the flash of Azel awake in the ruins of Excavation Site #4. Maybe because the dragon had already chosen Edge for a rider at that stage? He almost saw (what was probably) the dragon flying overhead at the start of the FMV; maybe the bonding process began then?