Team Andromeda

Two things about Team Andromeda, in fact. The first is something I’ve been wondering for a while, although I warn you this may be the silliest question I’ve posted on this forum. Team Andromeda’s logo: what exactly is it? The shapes to the left of the words, I mean; looking at the logo, all I can see are two formless white blobs. Are they not meant to be anything in particular, or am I just missing something simple here?

The other thing I wanted to bring up was interviews. Looking back through my official UK Saturn magazines I haven’t come across a single interview with the team, although admittedly I’m missing about a quarter of the issues. Panzer Dragoon Orta interviews are a bit easier to find, especially online:

What I’m wondering is, does anyone have copies of old magazines with Team Andromeda interviews in them, such as the one that TA (the poster) kindly scanned? Even if you haven’t the time or means to make scans of anything, info on magazines / issues that have things in them would be helpful and welcome. The same goes for Panzer Dragoon Orta-related Smilebit interviews, and any other online interviews too.

footprints, man, footprints :slight_smile:

that’s actually related to something that i’ve had on my mind for a while but i wanted to figure something out before i revealed it…

at the end of PD, when the camera moves upwards we can see those footprints around kyle. presumably those belong to lagi, but begs the question how was lagi there to drop kyle off somewhere when he supposedly had “discarded his body” when he took out the tower?

a lot of speculation can be made, some could be that when we see kyle wake up, that was not necessarily immediately after the explosion… i’ll let you guys figure out what i mean by that :wink:

Tsk tsk Lance I expected better from you :slight_smile:
Lagi’s sexy feet.

Although we’re told that Lagi discarded his body at the end of PDZ, we’re not really given many facts about the PD1 ending sequence, but yeah, it seems like a similar thing would have happened there. Personally I suspect that the dragon made sure that Kyle was safe, then went off and discarded its exhausted body elsewhere; very possibly in the ruins at Excavation Site #4, where its spirit / consciousness could have entered into that second Dragon Crest, if that’s indeed what Dragon Crests were for. (That’s the really brief explanation; if you’re curious, I wrote a bit more on that idea in this article.)

Well, nobody’s perfect. :stuck_out_tongue:

On a vaguely related note, does anyone know what font the “Team Andromeda Presents” logo is written in? (If it’s written in a widely available font at all?) Most people know that the PD logos are done in Hoffman, but I don’t remember this one being mentioned before…

do you remember that promotional image related to orta that showed fossilized lagi bones from what looked like its solowing form? i always wondered if that meant something.

yeah, i am inclined to agree with your hypothesis, (doctor). my initial reaction was that when the blast occured, kyle was jetisoned from the tower encapsulated within that shield and had just landed somewhere, but those footprints always bothered me…

comic sans? :slight_smile:

I know cuz I made it. Its nothing special, I think it’s called merolingean… try to look for the buffy the vampire slayer font it’s pretty similar.

I know cause I made it he says.Hahaha.

The desktop wallpaper with the hires version, I pretty much built it from scratch. it’s not as if i made the design, but I reworked it pixel by pixel.

You did this VVVVV font back in 1996?

no I did this font in 2002 =) I had to find it and alter it…
A it’s called “Herculaneum”

Isn’t the font in the image the same we seen in Panzer Dragoon Saga’s screen before the start menu?

[quote=“lordcraymen”]no I did this font in 2002 =) I had to find it and alter it…
A it’s called “Herculaneum”[/quote]

Ah, thanks; I’ve tracked down one version of that font, and most characters do seem to be a match with the TA logo.

But anyway, I should try and steer my own thread back on-topic; towards the Team Andromeda interview-flavoured half of the topic, at least. Is anyone able to help out in that department?