Taking a Social Media Break, June to August

I’ll be taking a break from social media (including this site and our Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube pages) for three months, from June to August.

I’m confident that things are now set up here so that my presence won’t be required for news, contributions, social media administration, etc, so it would be great if the admins and other contributors here can keep things running while I’m away. I will still be contactable if there’s an emergency (via email), e.g. if the site goes down.

Musical Monday will be put on hold unless another admin wants to take over while I’m away.

I doubt I’ll be able to take over Musical Monday, but I’ll see what I can do. Do we have an overview of what’s been covered so far? If there’s any important news, I can cross-post it on Segalization and Panzer Dragoon Legacy.

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Okay, thanks. Regarding Musical Monday, these are the tweets I’ve posted so far, but it is not important.

I have turned email notifications off and will starting the break now. This is going to be an interesting experiment. See you in three months.

I’m back.

An interesting experiment indeed. I’d already been off Facebook for a while before the start of the break. While on the break I found that I didn’t miss Twitter at all, and after a short period of time lost the urge to check it completely. I began to feel a new sense of calmness both online and away from the computer. My attention became less distributed and more focused. Of course there’s still plenty of other distractions on the Internet, but the difference is that I would have to go out of my way to seek those out rather than them being imposed on me from an external source - the difference is bigger than it sounds.

In fact, I enjoyed the break so much that I’m probably going to stay off Twitter and Facebook permanently (beyond monitoring them for Panzer Dragoon Legacy). I will certainly continue to participate on this forum (and others) though, as the conversations here are much more substantial and rewarding. That, and because you guys are awesome. :anjou_happy:

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I might have to give that a try myself, sounds relaxing not typing in the URL for a site you’re already on every 5 minutes. Welcome back, Solo.

He’s alive! I’ve been counting down the days!

I myself don’t really use any social media; I check Facebook periodically but nobody posts anything interesting on my friends list so there’s no real reason to check it. Never used Twitter, Insta etc. I barely even read Reddit these days.

My big vice is checking sports sites frequently…

Welcome back! Personally I’ve been using social media more, entirely because of Segalization. I do use Twitter to check on gaming news. It’s basically the only social media that I really use personally, but I still don’t tweet a whole lot on my personal account.

Thanks, it’s good to be back.

One of the nice things about not following anyone (either a person or some channel of news) is that when I do “catch up” there’ll be lots to talk about or investigate. Rather than having the information drip fed into my consciousness (along with lots of mundane/repetitive info). If it’s important information, I’ll no doubt hear about it from other sources.