Take a look at my nights poster


Iv’e done a poster for a fake nights game I made up, called Nights: Beyond Insomnia. It’s a carry on of Nights Into Dreams. Thought you might like it. There are a few Nights fans out there. I think…


Christmas Nights ruled.

I unlocked all the presents, and got to run around as Sonic, in 3D, PRE-Sonic adventures.

Nice job on the box art!

Wishes that Matt is actually Yuji Naka operating under a pseunodym and that he’s tantalising some of his most earnest fans with a real work-in-progres image

This is superb work, Matt, it looks genuinely professional and incorporates some impressive effects - especially the lighting enunciating the “NiGHTS” logo, it makes it scintillate like a jewel. :anjou_happy:

My only technical criticism - and it’s a miniscule point to raise - is that the borders around the “Sonic Team” logo look a little rough. Also, wouldn’t “Fail to Wake” sound better?

You should send this to Lynne Triplett - astrima of DeviantArt and TRiPPY of www.nightsintodreams.com - she’s a wonderfully skilled artist, an absolute NiGHTS fanatic (and has ambitions to join Sega and revive the franchise!) and would certainly appreciate this sterling piece that you’ve done.

You might also try sending it to Sega, and give Naka a little nudge… his other projects can wait!

Its niceeee =)
I remember you did other stuff like this before?
good work =) I think its amazing

I hope that never happens (reviving the franchise)

Not bad :slight_smile: but it’s making me sad :anjou_sad:

I really love what you’ve done with the logo! I must admit though, I don’t get the title - I mean, insomnia is when you can’t sleep, so surely that’d be more Reala territory :slight_smile:

It’s good, my only complaint is that the Xbox cases look too bright. Also, most ads don’t have the open case. Also, why does it say “Capcom” at the bottom?

Otherwise it’s cool.

I think it’s much in the same way as the “Discworld Opposite”. Example: Darkness is the not the opposite of light, merely the absence of it. Insomnia is not the opposite of sleep, merely the absence of it. So, if someone goes beyond insomnia, they are so awake that they have perceivement of reality beyond the normal, which may be part of what NiGHTS is about.

I’d buy it! Inspired color choices there, looks sweet

At this stage I’d pick Tetsuya Mizuguchi over Yuji Naka to make a game looking like that. Also, NiGHTS would go great with tripped out interactive music, like a more thematic Rez style treatment. Imagine being rewarded for special maneuvers with swelling harmonies and synchopated fills that are part of the existing melody and rythm?

Thanks guys for all the nice comments, I may send it to Lynne Triplett! I may be back with some other movie posters! lol

Is that OK on these forums?

See, it’s an irony! Now thats strange…