Taito Legends!

Honestly and truly, I’m such a complete and total sucker for a classics collection.

Give me a Namco Museum, a Konami Classics, or Midway Arcade Treasures any day.

I mean, sometimes they suck…Midway Arcade Treasures Volume 1 had some MAJOR control issues…and the Namco Museums could all have easily made it onto one disc…(and what’s with the new 15th anniversary collection? No arrange modes for the games that were on the 1st current gen Museum discs??_

but, I digress. The upcoming Taito Legends collection has some classics on it for sure…Operation Wolf, Bubble Bobble, Space Invaders…but the one game that has me on the edge of my seat in anticipation is a classic from my very earliest days in the video arcades (1984 to be exact) that hasn’t made it’s way to a home console…EVER…not even from the Atari days!!! (I think there were a few unofficial PC versions though)

ZOO KEEPER !!!1111~!!!1!!

(not the DS game…totally different thing there.)

I’m so excited it hurts!!!

And next week…Tecmo Cassics for X-Box…life is good.

(goes back to playing Rolling Thunder on PSP Namco Museum Battle…what’s the deal with those guys in the multi-colored KKK hoods anyway? It’s like…a rainbow of evil pointy hoods…what are they supposed to be? The Gay-K-K?)

I would to take this opportunity to state that the formula “Zoo Keeper” uses has been done many times on Digital TV games, and is extremely stagnant.

Let’s see some Arkanoid! :anjou_love:

I got a Taito collection for my C64 =D

Bubble Bobble, Arkanoid :anjou_love:

I’m going to get this… eventually.