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We had about two topics about Phantom Dust before.In one of them I asked how could a user with a PAL XBox get to play a american copy of Phantom Dust.If it was possible.

If you know the anwser please tell me.

i remember the topics, but i must have missed the part where it was mentioned that it was coming out march 15th with a starting price of $20…

i should have some information for you when the game comes out since i have a friend that has a PAL xbox and he says he is going to figure out how to get it to pay P(hantom)D or die trying.

IGN reviewed the import version a while back and gave it an 8.5, impressive by my standards.

i’m very interested to see what this yukio futatsugi can do as his next step after orta. could he be a creative genius on the rise when all others seem to be falling?

I’ll be buying it when I go home for spring break.

I’ve been reading quite a lot about this game recently and the more I read, the more I realise I MUST play it. Is there some sort of petition to try and get a PAL version released? I had a look, but I could only find old petitions from people wanting an american release.

If this game comes out over here, it may finally give me a reason to renew my Live subscription this summer.

The game was suposed to come out yesterday in the US.Strange I haven’t seen one review online.

AHHHH!! this game is so awesome!

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Does this game have split-screen multiplayer or only Live and System link?

it has 2-player splitscreen.

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Gamespot also gave it an 8.5, very impressive.

I couldn’t find it anywhere. :anjou_disappointment:

I was at the store today, and they only had one copy. Guess its not that well distributed right now. Try ordering it online.

So has there been any news on the PAL release of this game… or if not, does the game allow the NTSC version to work on a PAL Xbox?

$19.99 (?13) in the USA

$46-$62 (?30-?40) in the UK

Rip-Off Britain. and no it’s not region free from what I can tell from ( … e=12&pp=10)

[quote=“Giga_D”]$19.99 (?13) in the USA

$46-$62 (?30-?40) in the UK

Rip-Off Britain. and no it’s not region free from what I can tell from ( … e=12&pp=10)[/quote]

At least it’s coming out for PAL then. That just made my day.

Do you have a link to some information on this? I’ve searched around online but I haven’t found any information on the PAL release, or what shops it will be available at…

And mine!I want to play this game bad!

that’s great, you freaky european weirdos. i think you’re really going to like this one. i recently completed it but there is so much depth to the combat and strategy that replayability will not be a problem for quite some time.

i don’t know how many of you are planning to get the game but if anyone needs a little convincing, i’ll answer any questions you have (unless it is about something personal, like the temperature at which a solution of equal parts water and mercury will freeze, or the way it would feel to be caught in a spaghetti hurricane, or i’ll eat all the marmalade.

If you have Live start practicing…