Super Smash Bros.: Brawl! Featuring

Solid Snake?! According to a snippet at, please forgive me, IGN Hideo Kojima practically begged the staff to include some MGS characters. So now we’ll have Snake duking it out with the likes of Mario. Along with Snake, his trusty cardboard box will also be present.
So far the confirmed returning characters are Mario, Link, Pikachu, Kirby and Samus Aran, this time without her armour on. Other new faces are Wario and the Meta Knight from Kirby.

Good grief. XD This will be fun. Wonder what other “third party” characters there will be. Maybe our good pals at Sega should let a certain character be pitched in as well.

I read on the local teletext that certain characters will be available online via download as well as Nintendo approching other third parties to include their characters in the game. Maybe this is the SB game weve all waiting for…

Wouldn’t be suprised though since nintendo is pulling all the stops to make this system a hit with gamers.

I wish they would put sonic in. Having him able to take on Mario would be quite funny.

[quote=“Pedro The Hutt”] …and the Meta Knight from Kirby.


Finally the question of who kicks more arse will be answered!

I like how the ‘Smash bros’ games originally started off with strictly Nintendo characters, and this is how it’s turning out…
I guess Nintendo need all the help they can get.

Its a shame I will probably not play this game as I will be getting a PS3 but I loved SSB Melee on Game Cube. I don’t know how Snake will fit in to this not very serious game. Its like putting Dante from Devil May Cry in a game like Pikmin, it shouldn’t even be thought about.

Or as strange as Dante turning up in something as silly as say… plucks game out the air Viewtiful Joe :anjou_happy:

he’ll fit in perfectly, as Snake outside of his universe is a pretty comical character, with loads of in-jokes about him. In the trailer for example, the have him in his stupid cardboard box :anjou_happy: . There’s loads of bits of Metal Gear humour like that they could use.


Finally the question of who kicks more arse will be answered![/quote]

An April Fool’s gag from EGM has made that request rather frequent. If you post a topic at the Gamefaqs board for SSBM, there’s even a warning saying “Don’t ask how to access Sonic and Tails”!

well no one was expecting to see Solid Snake in a SSB game and look and behold. It may have to do with the fact that Konami owns Hudson which nintendo is marketing the PC engine as one of their selling points for their virtua console feature.

I’m suprised Sonic hasn’t made any appearences as of yet. This is not only a perfect fit but such an obvious collaboration since Sega and Nintendo are all buddy buddy now. Sega and Nintedo has made games together so it can’t be an impossibility that Sonic will appear on SSB.

Nah, Snake’s in there because Miyamoto, Kojima and lots of other big name developers are very friendly with each other. Kojima wanted Snake to be in Melee, but it was too far into developement when he asked, and that was way before any Virtual Console deal. Besides, Konami’s control over Hudson is not enormous, and putting a few old PC Engine games that most people have never heard of on the VC isn’t a big enough thing for Konami to have input with.

The reason, probably, why Sonic hasn’t been put in [yet] is because he is Sega’s lead franchise and mascot. Having your mascot be a guest star in somone else’s game is quite a big thing for your corperate image. It asks the question: Why is Mario not a guest in a Sega character beat’em’up fest.

Plus Sega don’t want to risk Mario to being better in the game. :anjou_happy:

Meh, having Snake in there isn’t THAT big of a stretch, I don’t think. Although it surprised me to learn he was in it. Heh, something in me just started dreading the game after it was announced he would be a character.

I have… A horrible, horrible history with any game that has Solid Snake in it.

You poor soul, well, at least you can beat him silly now for whatever he did to you.

In more recent rumours, Sakurai-san was to have said on a radio interview (in Japan) that SSBB will see the departure of Young Link, Mr. Game & Watch and oddly enough, the Ice Climbers. Coming in their stead are Wind Waker Link, Koopa Kid and Ridley.

He also said that all clone characters will be reworked to be more unique, AND that the final character count will be somewhere between 30 & 40 characters. And we might expect maybe one or two more third party characters. (Sonic please?)

I think it would be nice if they put some more obscure characters in, to promote their games. It’s already going to sell like [something that sells really well], just like the last one did, anyway.
SSBM was the driving force behind the excellent Fire Emblem series being introduced to the west, and lots of the other more obscure characters in the game (like the Pit trophy), sparked calls for sequals of old, forgotten games.



…hope you get it

It took me over a week to get that joke.

Funny photoshop:

I’m glad somebody finally got the joke! :slight_smile:

Hmmm, I’ve seen better photoshopped character select screens. o.o;;