Super Plays

New here… just wondering if anyone has any links to Panzer Dragoon super play videos… that is, someone beating panzer with out a hit, or under certain time, etc…

Thanks in advanced.

why do peole start the same threads over and over again without bothering to search the forums?

There’s some information about them on this topic: … php?t=1315
Welcome to the forums, btw.

…and LC, the search function isn’t very accurate. A search for “superplay”, for example, doesn’t return any results.

And why do you keep posting (60% of the time) to “correct” someone?Chill.

Anyways welcome Sixty Hertz.

Sorry I’m in a very bad mood today. No reason to be unpolite however, I apologize Sixty Hertz.

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Looks like Solo needs to make the forums need some sort of activation… I doubt it will be much work (how many new members are there per month?) and it will prevent things like this from happening This is just that moribund (or whatever it was) guy pimping the stuff once again…

If it’s a bot the activation can be automatic but if not…

If it continues, I may have to do something like that, but I believe it’s just a user manually posting at this stage.