Suggest something for my DS

So, I got a DS for Christmas, and since then I have bought and completely played through five games:

*New Super Mario Bros.
*Super Mario 64 DS
*Final Fantasy III
*Mega Man ZX
*Sonic Rush

I am fresh out of things to play, and want to try something new. Suggestions?

And don’t suggest Pokemon Diamond/Pearl, as I’m not particularly interested.

Brain Age?

Elite Beat Agents
Rocket Slime (laugh all you want, it’s a fantastic game)
Phoenix Wright
Advance Wars DS
Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrows

All great games :slight_smile:

Elite Beat Agents.

Buy it or die.

Feel the Magic XY/XX (AKA Project Rub) and/or The Rub Rabbits.

The original minigame bonanza on the DS AND Sonic Team having a (nowadays) rare moment of brilliance, get it if you like a good laugh and fun gameplay. =D

Oh and I second Phoenix Wright, objecting is love. <3

Ouendan 2 is a must have DS game; a superb and fun rhythm game.

There is no region lock on the DS so it’s all good.


[quote=“legaiaflame”]Ouendan 2 is a must have DS game; a superb and fun rhythm game.

Actually heading to Japan next week and I’m picking up a copy of this while I’m there :slight_smile:

The first one was fantastic. I got it as a gift from a friend in Japan, and loved it. I’m about halfway through Elite Beat Agents which is a good localization, but not quite as good as the original (IMHO).

Man, that video of Ouendan 2 is insane. The first one got pretty damn hard toward the end, but that takes it to a whole new level.

Yeah I already beat the game with the cheerleaders. It was hard as hell, but I was up for the challenge having played the first Ouedan as well. :anjou_happy:

I haven’t come across an Inis game I couldn’t master yet, so I’m up for the challenge :slight_smile: (Even beat Gitaroo Man on Master Play mode, which is quite possibly the most difficult rhythm game I’ve ever played…)

Thank you all for the suggestions. It seems two games that I simply must pick up are Elite Beat Agents and Brain Age.

Unfortunately it’s going to have to wait because I have exhausted my wallet for this week on a combination of sheesha, cigarettes, food, and porn memorabilia.

Question: Anyone played any of the Spider-Man games for the DS (That is, Spider-Man 3 and Ultimate Spider-Man) and can tell me what they’re like? I am absolutely in love with the franchise and if it’s worth it I’d like to get a hold of one of those games. Only problem is I’m told that the former title utilizes the touch screen and the directional pad at the same time. Meaning I must use the stylus with my right hand. The problem is that I’m left handed. Oops. :anjou_sigh: