Streets of Rage 4 reveal trailer

I’m a huge SoR fan, and been waiting for a while for a sequel (with all the classic game revivals going on). I don’t think Yuzo Koshiro is confirmed yet as the composer…which is a bit of a red flag for me…and I don’t know how to feel about the artstyle…but it’s SoR!!! Yeeeewaaah!


My brothers and I played the original 3 like crazy. They are still fun to fire up on the emulator even now. Really hope this still has two player local support at minimum. Would be a blast if we could get 4 player local play!


This is from the developer of Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap (a remake of the Master System game) which was highly praised. It seems they’re branching out into original content now, but content that is still based on classic Sega games.

Perhaps they’ll work on successors to other classic 2D Sega games next. What else would you like to see revived from that era? Vectorman? Ristar? Classic Shining Force?


In this era of tablets and portable devices…in a world where the Pokemon games where so popular for so long, way past the time of the 16 bit consoles…I think the we deserve a game ala Shining Force 2. I don’t know how strong the brand is though, and how viable it is to use that name anymore… but whatever… I just want to see a game like SF2 and I think with the right direction it would actually sell and be really well receive. I think it’s the sort of genre that with the right people, could really make a hit. I can’t think of a sane person that would not enjoy SF2. If they do exist…I have to learn who they are so I can cross the street to avoid them.

Aside from that my favourites from back then where the Sonic games (now we have Sonic Mania which was awesome…more to come I’m sure), SoR, Shinobi and Golden Axe (yes I played those 3 game cartidriges until my hands started bleeding too). All three IPs are super cool.

On paper Golden Axe The Duel was, for me, a good direction to take the series in. I still haven’t played that game after all these years (even though I love some of the soundtrack). Maybe the SRPG ala SF2 could be set in the Golden Axe world?hmmm

Sega should have thought of something like Ninja Gaiden (Xbox) for Shinobi. I think I’d take Shinobi into 3D rather than 2D. (I know they have, but what I’ve seen of the PS2 game didn’t do it for me). The 3DS 2.5D scroller seems neat…I don’t know…I’d make a 2D Shinobi like some sort of Comix Zone take on it…more like a graphic novel feel…They really need Yuzo Koshiro with the music though. These games are nothing without that music setting the right tone. Capturing those moment s when you fight Spiderman or Terminator without feeling cheesy is a tricky thing in this era of realism.

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Yeah I think a new RPG based on the general gameplay mechanics of Shining Force II could be awesome. Bump up the visuals and resolution, add some more depth to the characters, story, and lore, but keep the large world to explore and the grid based combat. Even in later Shining games (including III), the game world felt a lot smaller and more linear. I would even go as far as to call Shining Force II an open world game.


Apparently there will be “a big announcement regarding the classic soundtrack”, so that sounds like they’ll be including it in the new game.

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I was just beating myself up for not going to Paris for this concert :

…and read in the comments the SoR4 creators attended the show and Koshiro has confirmed he is working on the soundtrack!!! I couldn’t be happier!!!

I don’t think that’s been confirmed? I’d be surprised if he wasn’t somehow involved, but I’ve seen no confirmation so far.