Steam Holiday 2011 sales

Anybody been following the sales this year? They are currently running a promotion where they give 11 people 11 of their wishlist games for 11 days. I haven’t won anything yet.;p I did pick up Bastion and Dead Space 2 for US $5 each the other day and Rocket Knight for $10 (only $5 discount)as part of the promotion. They currently have Witcher 2 marked down about half. I haven’t seen the deals I had seen last year, but I am hoping that they will have more discounts the closer we get to Christmas. Last year I bought the entire Valve collection for $45 dollars. I already had the HL2 games. I did get L4D 1 and 2, and Portal 2 in the deal. Portal 2 cost $45 dollars by itself at the time. I seriously think I may be able to skip the next round of consoles with the backlog these sales are causing me to have.;p