Steam and other PC/Mac gaming networks

I’ve created this topic so that we can share our Steam IDs. My Steam ID is Uriptical.

Anyone on a PC gaming network other than Steam? Xfire, Impulse, etc?

Shadow already created a topic for Xbox Live gamertags.


My Steam ID: StrikerX3.

PSN/XBL/Steam ID is Meicyn.

The sole reason I now own a few dozen games I’ve never played

Steam ID rybkage.

Added you guys. Draikin, what is the game “SEGA Genesis & Mega Drive Classics” in your games list? I clicked on it, but it just takes me to the Steam homepage. Perhaps it is region specific or is no longer available on Steam?

The Sega Mega Drive Classics are 10 packs of older Genesis games. One pack is RPG heavy with Shining Force, Landstalker, etc. Others are more action oriented. Phantasy Star games are in one pack. If you have Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection on any system, this is basically the same thing but split up. I would skip them on Steam unless super cheap and just pick up the Gold Sega Genesis Collection that has all those games on one disk and you can download a no-cd patch for that and not have to worry about having steam to play some of these classics on your PC. Though if you already have Rom’s, not sure if this would necessarily be worth the money. If you can’t get the Steam ones, this would probably be the best be outside the US. The emulation quality on all of these is pretty good though. Nothing really extra added like HD, but gameplay wise these are spot on for the Steam or Gold Collection Disk.

Maybe I’ll pick them up in a Steam sale some time.

It would be great if Sega brought some of their games to GOG. It’s the perfect outlet for older Sega titles (or even new HD remakes such as NiGHTS and Jet Set Radio).

I just recently (6 months ago) found out about I have purchased there when they have the games I am looking for ever since. DRM free is the way to go. I even pay a bit more for the privilege, ie. Trine and The Witcher games just because I want to support having DRM free products. I still purchase tons of games on Steam, but that is due to their larger selection. I too would love to see Sega release games on GOG, but I am not sure if the customer base is large enough yet to get there attention. Most games on there are older ones or games from developers who really support DRM free products. Just saw that the Legacy of Kain trilogy is on there now. Looks to be my next purchase.

It wouldn’t cost much (anything?) for Sega to release some of their games on GOG, and my understanding is that the GOG developers do all of the work getting the games to run on modern versions of Windows. At the very least, they could let GOG add the Megadrive games that are already on Steam.

The lack of Sega games on GOG possibly relates to a misconception that lack of DRM means more piracy.

I saw the Legacy of Kain games on GOG, which is cool. I’ve been interested in playing through them for a while. Hopefully they’ll get the other two in the series (Blood Omen 1 and 2) at some point as well.