Start-up sequences!

This is just a simple poll I’d raise purely for some entertainment.

Ever since the advent of the 32-Bit era, consoles have touted a start-up sequence which features their motif being presented, twisted, manipulated and having all manner of interesting effects performed upon it in order to impress and give a taste of the console’s power. Well, we also had hours upon hours of typing in code from illegible program listings for our Speccies, but I doubt that’s a pre-game experience that many of us are keen to remember… :anjou_embarassed:

Each console has an individual and highly idiosyncratic style to present, and so I was curious as to which one catches your attention the most.

My choice would be the Sega (predictably :stuck_out_tongue: ) Saturn’s. The Dreamcast’s start-up sequence - a bouncing ball popping up the characters in the name before tracing out the swirl-logo - was very clean and bright, certainly, but somewhat pedestrian. The Saturn’s start-up sequence, featuring a blizzard of metallic polygonal confetti hurtling through the void around you before condensing into the Saturn logo was stylish, dynamic, and had attractive sound effects as well.

What sequence has been the one to catch your eye?

I’m voting for the Dreamcast one, though mainly because it’s subtle enough to never annoy me into skipping it, and it has nice relaxing sound effects; the Saturn comes a close second. The Xbox one always strikes me as being too over the top (like you’ve just turned on a nuclear reactor that’s going to power half the continent) and the GameCube one’s xylophone sound effects sound horribly kiddie in my opinion, though the animation’s nice.

Only over here, I think; Japanese Saturns have a bizarre sort of synthesised-electric-guitar-solo sound effect instead, which I’ve never quite gotten used to.

By the way, I’m pretty sure the N64 didn’t have this kind of sequence; each game displayed its own logos and things.

Mmm… Dreamcast. I bet the X360’s is gonna be bad ass though.

I’m gonna have to say the Dreamcast as well, for all the reasons mentioned before. Mainly, it didn’t try to much and I like that simplistic outlook.

I also enjoyed the Gamecube one, with the cube “rolling” and creating the logo, I thought that was pretty neat. The one I hate the most is Xbox, too loud and useless. What is that green stuff suposed to be anyway?

I don’t quite remember the PS1 start up, wasn’t it just the logo?

yeah DC for me as well…
Saturns for memories tho, but Dreamcasts was just so cool

It is.

It’s not the starting animation, it’s located IN the site.

The Saturn’s not doubt.The sound was cool.

The start up sequence on the Japanese Mega CD is the best ever, with the Japanese Saturn start up a close 2nd.

Sega CD all the way.