Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga (spoilers)

Now that the Star Wars trilogy of trilogies, also known as “the Skywalker Saga”, is complete, I thought it would be worth making a topic about the whole story.

As a whole, there’s a wildly inconsistent feeling about the whole saga, and I’m not sure that any one movie is to blame. Even the original trilogy had a “made up as they were going along” feeling, with the revelations about Luke’s father and sister retconning build up from A New Hope.

This lack of planning followed through into the sequel trilogy, particularly the final film which felt like it was going out of its way to retcon major events in both The Last Jedi and the original trilogy. Only with the prequel trilogy does it really feel like there was a plan, but even then there were inconsistencies with the original trilogy.

Looking at all nine films, I would rank them by preference (worst to best) as follows:

(9) The Rise of Skywalker
(8) The Phantom Menace
(7) The Force Awakens
(6) Attack of the Clones
(5) The Last Jedi
(4) A New Hope
(3) Revenge of the Sith
(2) Return of the Jedi
(1) The Empire Strikes Back

And the trilogies in order of preference:

(3) Sequel trilogy
(2) Prequel trilogy
(1) Original trilogy

I feel that at this point the mainline series is well and truly past its expiry point, and The Rise of Skywalker in particular did more damage to the overall story than it actually resolved. Plus there wasn’t really a story to tell beyond episode 6, which already wrapped up things neatly. So it’s just as well that it has ended. Maybe one day someone will remake the whole series and fix all of the major problems. There’s enough good source material there for a slower paced TV series, perhaps with one season per film episode and a more consistent tone and setup of events across the whole story. Remove the childish elements and add some nuance to the characters decisions beyond the sharp light/dark side distinctions.

Even though the sequel trilogy was a bit of a disaster, at least we have The Mandalorian.

With the original trilogy at least George had an outline in his head and was following the heroes’ Journey formula. Where characters have weaknesses, grow, develop and by the end, evolve into better versions of themselves. Making them relatable. The sequel trilogy does none of this and just literally made things up as they went along. Having absolutely no plan or outline at all. And if it did, that outline was completely obliterated by Rian Johnson!

To me the sequel trilogy is just bad fan fiction and I don’t count it as canon!

This new trilogy left me in a bad place with Star Wars. I’ve not been able to even think about or re-watch the old movies without feeling disgust. It’s forced me to take a break until these wounds can heal. That’s how bad this new trilogy was to me.


-Rey does not go on the heroes’ journey/does not grow as a character/is a Mary Sue
-Supporting characters have no development
-Casino side story in Episode 8 takes time away for potential character development
-Rose/Fin love story set up in Ep. 8 completely disregarded in Ep. 9
-Ep. 8 had too many out of place jokes making it feel like a parody of itself
-Luke’s character was changed too much and killed off too soon, so while it might have been an interesting story idea there was no chance for redemption or rebound
-Luke sucked milk from an alien tit
-Snoke is killed off forcing the re-use of Palpatine
-Palpatine’s return makes Anikans’ sacrifice pointless
-Rey’s parents are nobody (what’s the point just for the sake of it? Doesn’t make the story any more interesting.)
-Rian Johnson destroyed the plot points set up in Episode 7 throwing the trilogy into chaos
-As a result Ep. 9 is a damage control movie with laughably accelerated pacing issues
-Han Solo as a living Memory felt contrived, confusing and out of place
-Death Star remains cannot be in pieces as it was blown into atoms
-Emperor Palpatine building thousands of ships without anyone noticing is ridiculous
-In order to learn about Palpatines’ resurrection or the origins of the Knights of Ren you have to buy side material/books (should have been explained in the movie!)
-Ray taking the Skywalker name is unearned and a slap in the face



It’s interesting that a number of those criticisms you made of episode 8 could instead be seen as problems with episode 9 - from a certain point of view.

For example, killing off Snoke early didn’t force Palaptine’s return, but paved the way for Kylo Ren being the main antagonist in episode 9. This plot point was set up in 7 when Kylo says to Vader’s helmet “I will finish what you started.” We never got to see how Supreme Leader Kylo would play out, but it could have worked well showing a Skywalker ruling “the Empire” as the big bad as a conclusion to the Skywalker Saga. It would have tied in with the other trilogies well since Anakin Skywalker admitted to wanting to rule the Empire in episodes 3 and 5. Former episode 9 director Colin Trevorrow explored this in the leaked script for his “Star Wars Episode IX: Duel of the Fates”. Instead Kylo Ren was relegated to more of a secondary character in episode 9, making the story more about the Palpatine family, with his redemption arc feeling a little too much like Vader’s. Such a waste of one of the better characters in the sequel trilogy.

Lucas didn’t have the original trilogy planned out. Vader and Luke’s father were originally two seperate characters in early drafts of Empire, and Leia was not Luke’s sister (Luke’s sister was going to appear in a later episode before Lucas decided to end the story at episode 6). But the Vader = Luke’s father plot twist added a lot to the story, whereas the reconns in The Rise of Skywalker felt more like they were just added to please Star Wars fans who didn’t like direction of The Last Jedi, rather than because they actually made sense.

The Last Jedi isn’t without problems, such as the pacing issues with the Rose/Finn sidequest etc that you mentioned, but I definitely prefer it to the other films in the sequel trilogy. It attempted to take the story in a fresh direction that built upon what came before (e.g. Luke trying to make sense of where the Jedi went wrong, which built upon the story of the prequels). I also felt that the changes to Luke’s character were believable - people change and become less idealistic as they get older. Plus the younger Luke was always on the edge of the dark side, such as when he cut off his father’s hand in a fit of rage. The relevation that Rey’s parents were no one in The Last Jedi showed viewers that we are not who our family is and that anyone can be a Jedi (reinforced by Broom Boy using the Force). I wish they had run with this thread rather than making Rey Palaptine’s granddaughter which added no value to her arc.

Whereas episodes 7 and 9 both feel more manufactured than 8, and were designed to appeal to nostalgia, rather than advancing the overall story in a meaningful way. That might be a good tactic to sell movie tickets, but when people look back on the films with a critical eye, 7 and 9 will be the entries that will be considered the least original.

Yeah, but only minor things were changed around. More or less, Lucas had the story outlined and made adjustments as he went along. Meaning in the beginning, he was going to tell the story in a certain way but made minor alterations. The new trilogy just let each new director “insert in” entire script changes. Completely disregarding what the previous director/writer set up. And he was aware of the heroes’ journey formula, meaning: he knew what the story of the hero meant and how to relate that to the audience. Unlike Mar-Rey-Sue. Each new director should be required to follow a story outline, not just bullshit in whatever he pleases!

Disney really needed an outline to follow for 3 movies and character arcs to go by. If it was planned out from the beginning it wouldn’t have had to feel so disjointed and fragmented.

Killing Snoke too soon left a vacuum in the story and broke the flow. Making Ep. 8 feel like the conclusion. If they were going to kill off Snoke he shouldn’t have even been the main antagonist to begin with. Or he should have been killed off in the first movie leaving room for Kylo to grow. Not to mention J. J. set him up for more development. Introducing him only to kill him off later, just feels cheap and wastes valuable story time, which could be spent on other characters. Especially, in the span of one movie, where you only have so much time to tell a part of the story making his death feel like a cheap wow factor. Seeing those Snoke clones in those tanks felt like a joke! This is why you need to adhere to an outline or your story just turns into an unorganized mess!

It’s like if Luke killed the Emperor and watched his father die in Ep. 5. What point would there be to continuing his storyline in Ep. 6? You’ve already forced the story to its end. Anything more would start a new story arc; needing more than one more movie to tell. If not, things feel rushed, forced, or un-needed. Having to reintroduce a new villain takes time and feels rushed if you only have one more movie left. Which is why Abrams wanted to split Ep. 9 into 2 movies. Not doing so, made the editing room a nightmare and many things had to be reshot and haphazardly stitched together.

In the end, it just made the story-telling feel all over the place. Insert this here, take this away here…oh wait a second we shouldn’t have done that there…Like they couldn’t make up their minds. Which is probably exactly what happened lol!

Which brings me to my other point: they kept changing the story. Ep. 9 was going to have Matt Smith set up as an antagonist, being the person they get the dagger from. But, Kathline Kennedy stepped in and forced the return of the Emperor. If, she didn’t do this we could have focused more on Kylo as the main villain. But, Matt Smiths character would have been too unfamiliar to viewers. (I don’t know maybe introduce us to him and tell his story…!!!) We didn’t need Palpatine shoved in our face again! And like you said Solo, they should have made Kylo the main villain, but should have done this in the first movie.

Ahhhh, see it’s all over the place! This Trilogy is just a complete unorganized mess. It should be the prime example of how “not” to tell a story!! Personally, I think Rian Johnson is where things went downhill. He pushed all of J. J.'s story arcs out the window and the entire trilogy suffered for it! And Carrie Fisher dying must have threw a wrench into Ep. 9 as well…

Changing the identity of Luke’s father and sister changed things drastically. You can tell by watching the first two films that Leia was a potential love interest for Luke and in the first film Luke’s father was a different person from Vader (and seemingly had a closer relationship with Owen Lars). The Emperor apparently wasn’t going to appear until episode 9 in one if the earlier outlines (which Lucas was constantly revising).

The fact that the original trilogy worked out so well, in spite of its unplanned nature, was because each movie built upon on the events of the last one and made sure to respect and provide an explanation for differences in what came before. For the most part, The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi also built upon what came before; it was really only The Rise of Skywalker which didn’t respect the previous films - the Death Star II fully exploding (watch the end of ROTJ again), Luke’s lightsaber being split in half in TLJ, Rey’s parents, etc.

I didn’t mind that Snoke turned out to be a clone - it’s slightly more interesting that him being Palpatine 2.0 which is all we were shown in The Force Awakens. Killing him off early was necessary to give Kylo full control over the First Order and turn him into the primary antagonist, a plot thread which was unfortunately discarded in favour of bringing back Palpatine (but present in the leaked script for Star Wars: Duel of the Fates which looks like it would have been a much better film than Rise).

I agree. But, the new trilogy failed because unlike the original trilogy, different directors had different visions and they conflicted with each other. There was no single creative director or blueprint. With the original trilogy, Lucas oversaw the overarching narrative and made sure things (while they changed and evolved) stayed coherent.

I disagree with The Last Jedi being built upon from the first movie. It completely, destroyed all of the plot threads J.J. set up, all of which were needed to develop the rest of the trilogy. At least in a coherent way. It did away with too much: Killing Snoke, Killing Luke, Rey having no parents etc. If you are going to do such drastic things you do them in the first movie, so the narrative has room to breath and evolve.

This backed the story up against a wall. Leaving, almost nothing meaningful to explore in the last movie. The most that could have happened was Rey goes off to fight and defeat Kylo. There was no growth for her as a character, so the battle would have been meaningless.

And most of all, Luke was killed off too early. And that was a missed opportunity for him to save or assist Rey In the final battle. Dying a heroes’ death. The entire trilogy was a miss match of inserted story pieces that just couldn’t fit together right.

The Last Jedi was thematically a story about moving on from the past. In that sense, old things had to take a backseat… Snoke, Luke, Luke’s lightsaber, most of the old resistance leaders such as Admiral Akbar, etc were all killed off to ensure that there was room for next generation to become leaders in the final battle. The film ends with a young boy using the Force, showing that you don’t need to be a Skywalker or Palpatine, be conceived by the Midi-chlorians or have a destined light saber to be a force user.

In that sense it’s a lot like things in the real world. You can’t depend on older generations or traditions to do great things or save the world. Many of these older philosophies and ways of thinking are downright dangerous to the future. Of course there’s differences between Kylo’s “kill everything in the past” and Rey’s more optimistic approach of growing beyond Luke, but building upon aspects of the Jedi, and that’s where it gets interesting because they’re both similar and different.

If Luke had been more of a hero that would have been great for nostalgia, but would have a movie about Luke, rather than Rey. I’m sure it’s something many fans wanted to see, but what would it have really added to the story as a whole? We can look at episodes 7 and 9 as an indicator, because those movies relied a lot on revisiting the greatest hits of the original trilogy rather than advancing the story in any meaningful way.

Perhaps they will make a TV series one day that is set between episodes 6 and 7, showing a Luke that is closer to the Luke from the original trilogy. There’s a fair amount of story that could be explored, such as Kylo Ren’s upbringing and fall to the dark side.

There are ways to keep the new and old characters together while still having their own storylines (see Cobra Kai). I’m not saying showing Luke in a run down state was wrong (except for the green milk part.). And that’s fine that he had a change of character. But, killing him off early, really cut any further story potential he could have had in the final movie. Whether it be self sacrifice to help Rey or a complete uplifting of his character. Not to mention he did nothing of any importance in the movie. He should have been training Rey, not watching her train herself!

I just don’t agree with what Rian Johnson did in Ep. 8. Too many expectations were subverted which ruined the narrative and plot points J.J. was setting up. Sure, you can move away from the old characters, but do it in a way that doesn’t ruin our fond memories of them. For instance, Luke could have died at the very end of Ep. 9. That would have been fine.

Also, about the kids or anyone for that matter being able to use the force: that is not correct. Force sensitives have to go through years of training . And the worst of all: Rey just uses the force perfectly: Flying the Falcon, defeating Kylo with lightsaber, lifting stones. All this without any training; it’s ridiculous!

The The Last Jedi was a amazing film that had the balls to do something different . It’s such a shame after the backlash from the Star Wars nerds that JJ sold out to please them.

That said I did enjoy the last film, but it could and should have been so much more

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Yeah, I feel the negativity towards The Last Jedi was overblown due to 40+ years of expectations built up around what would become of these characters.

There’s an interesting video which discusses this, and shows that many of the developments in The Last Jedi weren’t out of place:

By the way, there’s another reason to believe that the original trilogy wasn’t planned: there was originally going to be a completely different film sequel than The Empire Strikes Back. A low-budget adaption of the sequel novel Splinter of the Mind’s Eye was planned, but when the original Star Wars film was a success the Splinter of the Mind’s Eye adaption was scrapped in favour of the bigger budget Empire Strikes Back.

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That video is so spot on. I love the internet but it gives so called fans too much of a voice and they look to hit out at anything.

I am perfectly happy keeping the original extended universe as cannon in my mind. I will be doing my best to forget this new trilogy even happened.

These movies failed on so many levels. The overarching narrative as a whole, was a complete, empty, unorganized mess. A hollow shell with no feeling, respect or emotion. The characters had little to no exposition and failed to relate or be of any worth to the audience. For example:


When you develop a main character you give that character weaknesses, so they can grow over time. That way you as a viewer can relate to them. Especially, your main hero! Rey was little miss perfect: didn’t have to train in the force, could win any fight, could use Jedi mind tricks, lift giant boulders, all with no effort or training. And all for some political agenda (Ohhh, no, they can’t show women going through hardships or have the male characters outshine them!). Todays society can’t handle that, it will offend and make the female species look too weak and timid!

And she gets very little to no training from Luke which doesn’t allow for them to form any kind of strong bond. Then is Ep. 9 Leia trains her for 5 minutes. Too little, too late! But, worst of all: you make her a Palpatine! With the uncreative decision to resurrect the Emperor, completely destroying the point of Anakin’s sacrifice! Not to mention, she even claims the Skywalker name of which was unearned from the very beginning! Pffffffffffft!


Let’s take Fin for another example: What worth as a character did he have? He used to be a storm trooper. Okaaay….So, how about show his backstory? What hardships did he endure? How did he better himself? Show the events that made him leave the Empire. How did he grow as a character from that decision? What people or outcomes affected that decision? What did he accomplish? An opportunity to show past conflicts and events between him and Captain Phasma was completely missed! It made their confrontation feel hollow and without any weight! A truly wasted villain.

I don’t know Rian Johnson, maybe you shouldn’t have added the casino side mission and introduced a useless character (Rose) so you could I don’t know, give Fin a past and maybe develop Fin more as a character? Just a thought…

And in Episode 7 Fin was able to wield and fight with a lightsaber, but we got no further explanation as to why. And it seems like he might have been set up as a possible love interest for Rey but later dropped for Rose in Ep. 8 and then later dropping Rose for…no one…in Episode 9. The script couldn’t make up its mind LOL! Pathetic.


Even George Lucas wanted Luke to go down a path of isolation and contempt from the force. So, I’m not saying that was a bad story idea. What I am saying is: it was executed completely wrong: Show him in a bad way, but later have him rise out of his hate, back into the character we knew…:

-Throwing away the lightsaber Rey hands to him like it was trash (having no respect for his Jedi training or the past that defined him) Then, Episode 9 later having to retcon that way of thinking, catching it like the sacred object it is, after Rey haphazardly throws it…Just ridiculous!

-Showing him drinking from an alien tit! This was total disrespect for the hero fans grew up with. It just made him feel like a slob, was gross, shameful and was completely out of place!

-Attempting to Kill Ben Solo/Kylo Ren in the past. The OT Luke would never do this and is a complete fan-fiction made up in Rian Johnsons’ mind. Sure, I’m just going to kill my best friends/Sisters son. I saved and redeemed my father, but who cares, I won’t try to change fate or anything, I’ll just go with my force hunch, it’s the only way…

-Not bearing witness to Han Solo’s death. Why would you have complete strangers witness this major event? It would have had more of an impact if Luke was there. But…no…Just bad writing again. And then you have a deleted scene of Luke sensing Han’s death (Which is not in the F&***ing movie!) Oh, and Leia didn’t hug Chewy after hearing the news, but rather hugged Rey for support. What’s Chewy, complete shit?! What was Rey to her? They have no history. Chewy was there for you more than Rey ever was! Again, Rian Johnsons’ Fan-fiction with no respect for the past characters.

-Luke dying in Ep. 8. This left no room for him to come out of his depression and slowly return to the Luke we all know. From a story standpoint, it was a missed opportunity to have him return and accomplish something in the last move: he could have trained Rey, fought Kylo Ren, helped Rey in the final battle or gave his life like a true hero to save his friends. Just a waste.

This video sums it up best from the man himself:

Steve Quincy:

“I hate how Luke was portrayed as a weak coward who ran from his family and considered executing his nephew, all so Disney could shove their crappy new characters down our throats. Nice try Disney, this movie sucks.”

What was the point of it all…?

So, these are some major examples imo, which show just how bad, limited, and childish the writing was. Without a doubt, showing no plan, respect, or development for these characters. When you have two directors that completely disregard the others creative direction, your story becomes a complete, nonsensical, confused, mess of a trilogy. A trilogy that sets up story threads, only to change its mind, then to change its mind again! And just goes to show you how incredibly lazy and haphazard the writing and decision making truly was! When everything is said and done, not amounting to anything remotely memorable or worthwhile; just a complete waste of our time.

Rey - yeah, I found Rey’s abilities problematic. You can explain some of them due to her growing up as a scavanger (remember the staff fight scene early in Force Awakens) and her having Palpatine’s blood. At least we get to see cases where she became too powerful for her own good, such as when she accidentally shoots force lightning at Chewbacca’s ship. I think Rey’s abilities would also have been problematic if she were male; I don’t think gender was specifically the issue here.

Finn - I suspect Finn is force sensitive and that was what he was planning to tell Rey (he senses her dying at the end of the film). We never got to see this play out, so it’s left to the viewer’s interpretation, similar to Leia at the end of the original trilogy. It’s not impossible for regular people to wield lightsabers of course (for example, Han in Empire). But we did get to see his transformation from the guy who runs away to a true Resistence hero who was willing to sacrifice himself by the end of The Last Jedi, so there was plenty of development there. Perhaps we’ll see more of Finn in a sequel or prequel, I think there’s room for additional stories there. I would have a liked to see more threads tied up or at least explored in the films themselves. A downside of Star Wars’ popularity is that now a lot of answers require the viewer to invest in novels, comics, TV shows, etc to get the full back story.

Rose - I liked Kelly Marie Tran’s character in The Last Jedi and it was unfortunate that her character was side lined in episode 9; there were plenty of opportunities for her to make a difference. For example, Rose could have gone with Lando to unite the other planets against the Final Order. From the point of view of The Last Jedi, the Rose/Rey/Finn triangle was probably meant to mirror Luke/Han/Leia from the original film, but there was no payoff in The Rise of Skywalker.

Luke - there are a number of parallels between Luke in Return of the Jedi and his older self in The Last Jedi. Luke tosses his lightsaber in both films, representing his philosophy that you can’t win with aggression. The ending to The Last Jedi reflects this and mirrors Obi-wan’s death in the original film. Similarly, Luke’s anger made him almost strike down the Emperor and his father in Return of the Jedi, which mirrors his brief thought about killing Ben (it wasn’t an attempt). We’re supposed to get the impression that Luke has sensed a darkness in force users in general, including himself, and grown ever weary of it, cutting himself off from the Force - until he has a change of heart after his pep talk with Yoda near the end of the film about failure. He isn’t a great hero who can cut down the whole First Order with his light saber - it’s even potentially dangerous for someone to gain that kind of power - but at the end of the film he seems to realise that’s it’s the legend of the Jedi hero which is useful in inspiring hope, hence we see his projection facing down the whole First Order, and then Broom Boy reenacting the scene at the end, obviously inspired by the event.

JJ Abrams said that we didn’t see Luke in the first film (until the end) because he would steal the spotlight from the new characters, hence no Luke witnessing Han’s death. It’s a story about generations, so while the prequels focused on Anakin, and the original trilogy on Luke and Leia, the sequels focused on Rey and Ben. Chewbacca not hugging Leia after Han’s death was a missed opportunity, although you can’t blame Rian Johnson for that one since it happened in episode 7. :wink:

But yes, this trilogy has been a story telling mess, I agree with that much even though I thought The Last Jedi had the best story of the three. When looking back at all nine films, what did the sequel trilogy story really add that wasn’t already resolved in the original trilogy? If the theme was that “you’re not who your ancestors are” that was already a significant theme of the original trilogy.

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And there Is one of the main problems right there: pace and balance. Having Luke witnessing Han’s death made sense for the story. It just felt right like a puzzle piece fitting into place.

And taking away spotlight? It was near the end of the movie! So have Luke tag along and start training and developing Rey as a Jedi! It’s not that hard to do! You know Luke didn’t have to be in every scene. It’s not like Rey, Fin and Poe can’t go off on some mission while Luke stays behind…Then you strike a balance of going back and forth between small segments with Luke and then focusing on Rey and the other characters. But the problem was: Disney kept controlling and interfering with each step of the creative process. Which is why so many writers (Colin Trevorrow) had to leave the project.

And like you said most of the story isn’t even in the movies. That’s just bad storytelling, having to access other media to fill in the blanks. Now there are rumors of Disney trying to correct the sequel trilogy with books, tv-shows etc. Watch this:

Luke couldn’t have witnessed Han’s death because he was in self-imposed exile. In other words, for Luke to have been there at Han’s death they would have had to completely change the story of the second film. Perhaps that is the story you would rather have seen, but that’s a personal preference rather than a pacing or balance problem with the film itself.

It seems that a lot of fans want to relive the original trilogy. I’m not convinced a trilogy that reunited all the old characters in new adventures together but in their 60s and 70s would have made for a great story. We can look at Indiana Jones 4 for an example of a movie that tried this. Reunions sound great in theory but almost always don’t live up to the original.

As for the Mike Zeroh video, he provides no sources for his inside knowledge and his channel is filled with similar unsourced “confirmations”. We should be skeptical as there is a lot of fake news out there.

Exactly, Which is why the story needed to be changed. He should have sensed Han was in danger and immediately left the island, only to get there too late. He did it in Empire. I don’t want to hear he was closed off from the force nonsense. That’s just bad writing and used as a mechanism to keep him out of the movie.

And as far as reunions go, it doesn’t need to be the main focus. Have a couple scenes where they meet and that’s it. Why can’t anyone write a balance between new and old? There are so many fans that understand and know how to make things work. Disney is pathetic!

The sequel trilogy was written by people who don’t understand these characters. Mark Hamill said it best himself: " Jedi don’t give up. Even if he had a problem he would maybe take a year to try to regroup, not 20, 30, years! But if he made a mistake he would try to right that wrong".

He would have at least tried to save Han. Giving his death more of an emotional impact. And this would have brought him out of his exile. Then he could have reunited with Leia for a short time. And started to train Rey. Better developing her character and I don’t know, actually making her work and earn something! Then leaving by the middle of the movie giving the spotlight back to the new characters. See, I’m not even trying and I could write a better story!

So, then we have Rian Johnson who: turns Luke into a complete coward, puts ridiculous jokes all over the place making it feel like a parody (the ironing, the your momma joke), kills Snoke right before we get to know him, makes Reys’ parents no one, gives us a wasted Casino side story taking away vital character development, kills off Luke too early and turns the force into an every day commodity anyone can tap into.

Let me say: Rose was an okay character but un-needed. Her, along with the casino scene took valuable time away from the three main characters’ development. Again, creating pacing and balance issues regarding the main characters.

Then J. J.: refuses to write a new script banking on nostalgia, just copying the old movies, cramming two movies into one in order to fix Rian Johnson’s mistakes, resurrects the Emperor with no explanation, leaves the Knights of Ren unexplained and then contradicting Rian Johnson by making Rey indeed be someone (a Palpatine). With the Emperor surviving, having completely ruined Anakins’ sacrifice.

I mean the force ghost voices were nice and all but we needed Anakin back in person, helping Rey defeat the emperor so the prophecy stayed intact. Again, just showing no respect for the characters or story. Just a contradictory mess of a Trilogy!