Star Wars: Battlefront?

Anyone pick this up on PS2, PC, or Xbox?

I have the PC version as does another friend, and another friend picked up the Xbox version.

Online this game is totally a blast, you can really tell thats what this game was developed for.

Since offline it sucks cos of AI stupider than a chicken, ofcourse you can tell :P! Oh and from the fact it’s a battlefield clone :wink:
I wasn’t really looking forward to it… I’m actually looking more forward to some UT2004 mods than actual retail games these days. Though I can’t wait for Half Life 2 and Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines either!

It actually looks pretty cool methinks, warrants a rent.

In it’s short-comings, it shares what many online games have. . . A lack of innovation, and a lack of good options for online play.

I have heard more than alot of bad impressions rather than the good about it, and I’m sure Battlefront will just join the bargain-bin, just like many other online games.

Meanwhile, when you guys are playing BF, I’ll be playing Half-Life 2 and CS: Source. . . Oh, and Halo 2! Can’t forget that now can we? >:P.

You talk about lack of innovation and then proclaim that you’ll be playing Half Life 2 and CS:Source?

Half Life 2 itself will not ship with any new multiplayer, just the likes of CS:Source, a new version of Half Life Deathmatch except with maybe some new weapons and other conversions of Half Life 1 modes/mods.

CS:Source on the other hand is an exact port of the current CS except with nicer graphics (duh), ragdoll physics and limited use of physics in gameplay (stuff like “shoot those barels and they roll around”, “push that car and it blocks a door”, nothing much).

Half Life 2 is bound to get a great mod community just like its predecessor but out of the box there’s nothin innovative about it multiplayer wise. I was quite dissappointed and deep down I still hope Valve is keeping the “real” multiplayer as a surprise…

And the games you mentioned are some of the most heavily anticipated games ever so I don’t think you’ll be the only one playing them while others will be playing battlefront or something similar as to sound cocky-ish about it… Besides, one person here said he likes it for sure (and so what? Maybe he does, maybe it’s not for you but if he likes it what does that matter?) so “you guys will be playing bf” doesn’t really apply either. Neil said he’d maybe rent it and I said I was never looking forward to it. And I wouldn’t call battlefront BF since BF is usually used to refer the battlefield series. 1942, Vietnam and the upcoming (and sweeeet looking) Battlefield 2. Yeah.

I played this game all through lunch today… it’s a bit easy on the difficulty level I played on, but I’m not sure what that was. It was fun though.