Stacked : Halo With Chips?

I saw this one sentence review tagline from Maxim magazine in a print ad for the upcoming poker game Stacked, and I scratched my head in confusion…a lot.

What the hell does that mean?

Halo with chips?

Does it mean, it’s like Master Cheif eating a can of Pringles? (Maybe they didn’t mean poker chips.)

Or, Erik Estrada and Larry Wilcox trade in their CHIPS patrol bikes for Warthogs?

HOW IN THE FUCK can a Texas Hold Em’ Poker game be anything like a FPS???

Thoughts, comments, questions, explanations?

Maybe they mean that Stacked is an addictive and well made poker game just like Halo is an addictive and well made FPS game.

Or maybe it was simply an obtuse reference that was supposed to not make any sense, other than convey how much they liked the game?

Hmm… it’s a quote from a Maxim review or preview of a videogame… hmm…

'Nuff said, maybe? :anjou_happy:

Maybe it means that Master Chief and various Halo characters play Poker together, and when one of them tries to cheat you out of your money (represented by chips, of course), you can shoot them and then gun down everything on their home planet in a short and not very interesting story.