uhm , okay…the video ia a bit old …
But actually this game is so damn interesting and surprisingly , i never saw that much of a hype about it on the net… so , here’s the link to a 30mins. presentation of what could be a hell of a game.
watch it =)

your opinion , thoughts … :wink:

Link : video.google.com/videoplay?docid … 98&q=spore

(i know how bad the image quality is)

oh my gosh thats amazing
thats liek the kind of games you think and dream about but think “nah thats stupid it could never be made”

wow thank you

I now count the days to spore!

I’m surprised a topic hasn’t been made on this sooner. XD Next to Oblivion(which I have by now), this is one of the major games I’m keeping an eye out for this year. =D It should be a blast to evolve’em-up.