*Spoilers* Shared Artists between Orta and Skies of Arcadia

Relatively new fan to the series as I explore SEGA’s back catalog more in depth. I beat Skies of Arcadia around a year ago and beat Panzer Dragoon Orta just under an hour ago. Having beaten both Skies and Panzer Dragoon Orta’s final bosses, I have to ask if we know if any artists work on Skies of Arcadia and Panzer Dragoon Orta? I got huge Zelos/final Ramirez vibes from the fight with Abadd at the end of Orta.

The only person I could find was Minobu Fujii ( Special Effects Orta) (Scenario Effects Skies of Arcadia).


Thanks, I wasn’t expecting to find much of anything. I think there was just a “SEGA science-fantasy” aesthetic going around then. Team Andromeda helped to create the vibe in the original Panzer Dragoon trilogy, the Sonic Adventures had some of it, and Skies of Arcadia. As you documented in this thread, there was definitely some cross-pollination of workers. Why I think the Sonic Adventure games are works of art! (I miss the old Sonic Team)

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Yeah, Sonic Team and Team Andromeda were pretty diluted by time they made Orta…