(SPOILERS) Crimson Dragon Side Story: story discussion

Story spoilers below:

After watching the playthrough videos (thanks Solo!) something has me confused about the storyline. What exactly is the “Master plan”? From what I can tell they intended to use Crimson Scale disease as a weapon against the people from “outer space”. In fact it seems they may be referring to the people on their home planet, Earth. But then they kill the dragon because it couldn’t be allowed to reach Earth and spread Crimson Scale disease there? I’m not entirely sure what to think about it. Here are some of the relevant quotes from the script:

[quote]Perhaps at its conclusion, the trail will lead us to the source of Crimsonscale Disease itself. If so, we may be able to unravel the mysteries of the disease, and it is not unrealistic to imagine we may even be able to develop a reliable cure for it. This would save the lives of many Draco inhabitants.

But? if that did happen, our ongoing plans for Draco would all be rendered pointless. That?s not a desirable outcome?

Urgh! I actually made myself shudder with that last thought.

Not desirable?

What am I saying? Since when is saving people?s lives undesirable? If our aim is ?to preserve the peace and happiness of the many,? then even if we are talking about people back home?[/quote]

[quote]?You know, thinking about it, that thing?s putting a bit of a monkey wrench in the works for your master plan, huh??

?Sorry? Our ?master plan???

?Don?t try to pretend you don?t know what I mean. We?re not lab rats. I know what?s going on.?[/quote]

[quote]The water appears to be subterranean Draco water. If Crimsonscale Disease is actually seeping out of the Draco underground, then?

Surely it is something we could catch just like the viruses we already understood? Springing out of the center of the planet, a great power to infect those coming from outer space?[/quote]


I think this might make more sense if the main Crimson Dragon game had come out when it was supposed to.

I’ll have a think about what this aspect of the story could mean and get back to you.

Anyone else notice how the new logo for Crimson Dragon seems to give a hint about the origin of the dragons?

Well, the boss fight in this new gameplay video certainly raises a few questions about what happened in the time between Side Story and this game:


Since White Reaver is without a rider, it seems White Reaver was separated from Sana at some point during Crimson Dragon.

Perhaps White Reaver is one of the ancestors who turned into a dragon. Only after the Seekers discover that the dragons are the ancestors would White Reaver potentially be considered a threat.

It is hinted that the leaked Crimson Dragon demo takes place before Crimson Dragon: Side Story. In the demo Sana says she has never seen a Hestrine before, but in Side Story she fights one. I’m guessing that Side Story happens during Crimson Dragon and that the E3 demo level takes place straight after the ending to Side Story. It appears to take place in the Original Base (you even fight an Eel-K) which is the fourth stage of Crimson Dragon: Side Story.