Splurged a bit for Christmas

I normally spiral bind these books but there’s no way I can do that to this one. Happy to make some scans if anyone would like them.


Merry Christmas! What an amazing pickup! I’ve been watching a copy of this on eBay for over a year, but it’s more of a window-shopping situation than an actual intent to buy. :anjou_embarrassed:

Are there any standout arrangements that you’re enjoying?

Hah, I’ve watched it for a few years also. The ebay seller dropped the price 20% and I bought it literally one minute before the price jumped back up, I tried to talk myself out of it but that timer got me.

I haven’t played much of it yet, mainly “Flight” from PD1. It’s lovely but a bit simple. Before I really dig in I’m taking pictures of the scores and transcribing them in musescore so I can keep the book somewhere safe.