Spleen-venting follows

I read a number of webcomics, my favourites being 8-Bit Theatre and Megatokyo. Brian Clevinger and Fred Gallagher are intelligent authors who have consistently established uproariously hilarious comics that are also intriguing and engrossing, and have been duly awarded the large internet presence they deserve for genuinely sterling work.

One webcomic writer who has generated a considerable internet presence, though whilst most emphatically not deserving it, is Scott Ramsoomair. This delinquent has the notorious ‘distinction’ of being the architect (equivalent to a Sao Paulan lean-to hovel) of the electronic cesspit that is VgCats.

I honestly can’t understand what has made VgCats, which is nothing save a gruesome and appalling affront to human intelligence, so popular. Whilst another major webcomic, Penny Arcade, may occasionally resort to blunt methods, these are balanced with genuine wit and incisive insight.

But VgCats? Ocassionally - very occasionally - Ramsoomair can make statements of the blindingly obvious, which are valid - but I didn’t need to read his comic to be amused by them anuway. But generally, all Ramsoomair can concoct in the diseased recesses of his filthy, repugnant and rancid pigsty of an imagination are abominations like this.

And this.

No further comment required, I anticipate.

VgCats is a sordid, corrupt, intellectually bankrupt aberration, and its disgusting breed of scatological ‘humour’ is a disgrace to the concept of comedy. I’m not so foolish as to attempt to organise a boycott - that’s going to enjoy all the success of the Suez. However, I felt the need to start this post to express my disgust for and contempt of the VgCats atrocity, and hopefully encourage others to give the site a wide berth.

Well, having read the Pac-man one, it’s lowest-common-denominator humour, stuff that I generally don’t enjoy anyway. The artwork isn’t too bad though.

eh, VgCats isnt that bad. I dont see why it shouldnt be as popular as it is. I dont really read it much myself, but the few links to stips I see from people now and again I found funny. sure their not all gold, but I’ve never seen a webcomic that didnt have its bad days. I think your being a bit harsh about it really.

I stopped reading MegaTokyo long ago, around the time Rodney Caston (Largo) left. though that wasnt really the reason. I guess I just got bored of the story.

I used to read alot of webcomics, but over the years I just havent been bothered as much. I do try to keep up with ones made by friends though. like Under Power and Bunny.

Everyone who knows the names of webcomics’ authors is weird by my standards.

Why? Their names are at the bottom of every single comic. They catch on after a while. >.> And they’re possibly at the top of each page too.

In any case, VGCats has it’s moments.

Turn Signals on a Land Raider rocks. If you get the jokes.

Aside from Penny Arcade, I follow Real Life Comics and PVP Online extensively, both being significantly less crude than Penny Arcade, and thus have my preference.

VG Cats is usually very crass, but it has its moments. I was introduced to it very the inbred chocobo strip (about the chocobo breeding in FF7) and that one was great. But a lot of it is pretty ugly. Generally I stop by every few months and then look in the archive and only read the strips associated with games I’m familiar with. When he’s good, he’s good and I really enjoy it, but when he’s not I don’t want to be anywhere near it. His work is very uneven I’d say.

I’m not very big on web comics. I used to read Adventurers! and I’ve been reading Conversations within Elsydeon (a Phantasy Star one) because I know the author/artist, but generally I can’t be bothered to make a habit of stopping by a web comic every week. I’m an archive browser.

I follow Penny Arcade and 8-Bit Theatre pretty extensivily, but thanks for mentioning Real Life Comics, I just went through the archive and it’s really good and simple.


That kind of uncalled for hostile attitude that you have showcased against people in these forums before despite your short stay here is not the way to make friends or simply have a conversation…

On another note, this is a forum, a place for people to discuss things. Things they like and things they don’t like. If that didn’t happen, we wouldn’t be having this forum at all so I fail to see why you took so much offense in Robert’s (or anyone else’s) comments and had to reply in such a hostile personal manner…

I’d tell you why but I wouldn’t like to quote Shin right now.

[quote=“a bunch of Dilbert comic strips”]
Must… restrain… fist… of… death…[/quote]

Seriously, Shin, chill the hell out.

It’s not like some of your topics had all that much to say either.

Robert may have an elaborate writing style, but I’m sure it all stems from raw passion for the topic! :anjou_happy:


It’s “must control” actually. :slight_smile:

Drat. Foiled again.