why did they butcher saori’s wonderfully unique soundscape to some awfully generic bland film-score? extremely disappointed right now. someone should seriously ask futatsugi about this travesty… tell him to put it back into the game. FUCK YOU MICROSOFT WITH YOUR POOR TASTE.

Here is a playlist of the OST on youtube:

I think a lot of the original unique sound that gives us that Panzer-vibe is covered up by all of the vocals. Also, the pronounced sound of the instruments they used cover up, or may I say overlay, the original tones…

CD: Side Story OST is best for Panzer Dragoon fans.

I much prefer Side Story’s soundtrack as well, although I wouldn’t go as far as to call the new soundtrack “bland”. It is disappointing that there is less of Saori in the soundtrack.

There are many aspects of this game which contain Microsoft stamp of interference, usually not for the better.