Soul Calibur III

So who here has picked up a copy of the game? Just for reference, I might as well link to the older topics for the previous games
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%between%Soul Calibur II

Well its only out on PS2 (kind of a shame really) but wether you know or not i don’t own a PS2, Xbox, or Gamecube (actually kinda a lie now since my dad just bought a gamecube for himself… so SC3 on that would have been ideal for me)

I’ve been playing SC3 round my friends house lately, and imo - i think its better than SC2, but not beter than SC1. SC1 seems that little bit faster than the others, but SC3 seems to be more playable than SC2.

I’d like to hear the opinions of other Soul Calibur fans on this matter.
However the intro in Soul Calibur III is sooo cooooooooool - it makes me think of any possibility of there being a movie based on the series

i like the additional option of the japanese voices as well, i dunno why but i seem to prefer it! Still it plays great - havn’t played any of the story mose yet, but the fighting seems as soul caliburish as ever!

I picked this up, largely because so many people at work were playing this too and it’s more fun in a crowd. I’m liking it much more than SC2, and that is a pretty sweet opening movie, but I agree I still have more fondness for the original.

I find I actually spend more time playing my self-created characters than the actual story ones though. I play the old standbys to unlock stuff of course, but when I’m playing against other people I get more satification out of using my own characters, even if they’re using something like Soul of Kilik so they essentially play like Kilik. I just want them to look like my characters.

I listen to the voices in Japanese because even if their lines are just at silly in Japanese as in English, at least I don’t start laughing or groaning when I hear them. Some of the English voices are so bad… I love playing as Siegfried, but I can’t stand his English VA.

I’ve only watched videos of it so far…the addition of custom characters was a great idea! But, from what I’ve seen from the videos, it just looked a lot like SC2…just with more stuff. Which is the trap Battlefront II fell into.

Did they improve on any bad things with SC2? If any bad things come to mind.

Personally I’m having a lot more fun with this version than SC2. Unfortunately I’m not such a connoseur of fighting games that I can break it down into the mechanics of what’s better. :anjou_disappointment: I didn’t feel that SC2 had as much heart as SC1, and I think I still like SC1 the best, but SC3 is giving me lots of love.

I like the “more stuff” like the tournament mode (good if you have a lot of people who all want to play the game at ones) and the create-a-character. The RTS game is so-so, but it has it’s moments. There are tons of unlockables, more than SC2, and what I like about it is that the vast majority of them can be unlocked just by playing the game.

For instance, most secret characters can be unlocked by defeating them, but in case that proves too difficult, they also can be unlocked just by playing 500, 1000, etc. battles. It sounds like a lot, but if you play the game everyday, even if it’s just for a little while, you’ll find yourself constantly unlocking stuff.

And since many items unlock just by number of battles, it’s possible to get many of the extras without ever playing single player. Since I like earning all the extras, I see this as a win-win situation. No matter which mode I’m playing I’m always getting closer to unlocking something. Even losing a battle gets me closer to something since a lost battle still counts as a battle for unlock purposes. I find I like this method of unlocking items more than SC2 where I had to play specific missions to get specific items and if I failed there was nothing to do but try again.

Rune Lai said it well, SC 2 didn’e have as much hear as the first one. Probably since it was developed multi-platform.

I too have had a chance to play the third one to great length since my roomate owns a PS2, and I absolutely loved it. I would go as far as too say it is pretty much equal to the first one in my eyes. For a PS2 game the graphics are outstanding, but while slowdown is minimal, and is pretty much isolated to the really flashy moves, it gets on my nerves.

I loved how they remapped the moves on many characters, this makes the game a little more balanced. The new characters fit in well, with the exception of Tira, I just think she is more of a Toshinden looking player.

Character creation could have been deeper, but as it stands it is a nice alternative to the regular characters when you are bored, plus all the Bonus Characters that you unlock are pretty much replicants of things you can create in the character creation mode.

One thing that annoys the hell out of me is the PS2 controller. The buttons are too soft! I am used to the DC and Xbox controllers where the buttons actually click down. This really ruined my holding game for the first couple hours since I had to get reaquainted with the amount of pressure I was used to giving.

All in all an awesome addition to the series, plus I am psyched since in the latest Electronics Gaming monthly the Rumor Mill section which had some insight saying they believe an Xbox 360 version is in the works with some additional characters, and hopefully a Team Battle mode.

…oh and Night Terror sucks.

I seem to remember reading that Soul Calibur III was being developed for a single platform since it was the last of the current generation, and that Soul Calibur IV would be developed for Xbox 360/PS3/Revolution. However, it would make a lot of sense to put Soul Calibur III on the 360, to tide 360 owners over until the fourth installment came out. Hopefully if an Xbox 360 version does come out, the graphics will look above that of a current generation title.

Well, with new graphics, new characters, new modes, etc, they’ll likely be able to call it Soul Calibur 4 anyway if they wish to do so…

Hopefully E3 will shed some light on the whole Soul Calibur III rumor since I have yet to hear anything to followup on that.

However it is interesting to note that Soul Calibur III is making its way into arcades in Japan. I have heard that many fans wanted an arcade cabinet done, but I personally highly doubted it, such as I doubt it will make its way anywhere else.

Just wanted to bring that to anyones attention that cares.