Soul Calibur coming to XBLA

WHOMAG. Missed this first time round. Might pick it up…

Alas no online component. Still the best non-AM2 3d fighting game though.

I still think it’s nuts that they can fit a game that needed a gig of space nine years ago into 150MB.

Did it actually use all of that space on the disc though? If I recall correctly, Ikaurga for Dreamcast was only about 30 megs.

Ikaruga was a fairly simple looking game though, so it doesn’t surprise me that it takes up so little space. Soul Calibur was, and still is, a showpiece for the Dreamcasts’ power and I can’t imagine it taking up less than 150MB of space.

If you play the game now, you can see that the models and textures, while very good, aren’t so advanced that they cannot be fit into that space. The music hopefully doesn’t suffer.

In any case, Microsoft has gotten a bit more lenient on size restrictions, saying the will look at the size on a case by case basis. Castlevania: SotN was definitely a big draw and they let that one break the initial 50MB limit.

The reason they’re not putting online in is so people will have to buy SCIV. This is more of a way to get hype up for the other game.

The sound was very poor quality on DC anyway.

Does anyone here have the Soul Calibur disc handy? I’m curious to know what the actual size of the game is on the disc.

IIRC Dreamcast’s main RAM is only 24 megabytes… which means all the texture/audio/code and scripting data for one given battle has to amount to something less than that, uncompressed. So 150MB sounds reasonable actually, since there’s not any video or other sizable content extraneous to the game play.

I have the ISO and it’s over 700MB.

I also have the disc, but I have no method of gauging it’s file size.

When you put it in your PC drive, right click it and select “Properties” does it not tell you?

Regular PC drives can’t read GD-ROMs. Instead it reads the audio layer (usually containing the “put this disc in a dreamcast” message).

I checked the disc itself and it’s about 2KB. I’m guessing that’s not right.

Wow, you’re right. Virtua Tennis is 12.7MB.