Sooooo my xbox died

Yeah, the video card is gone, there’s no signal though the console boots up just fine otherwise.

I’ll need to replace it, but I don’t particularly want to lose my saved games and wondered whether it’s as simple as putting my old hard disc onto a new unit.

I figure people on here know stuff and I trust your info, so I was wondering if anyone can give me a hint in that direction.

So, never done this before, but as long as you just get another PAL Xbox I don’t see why this wouldn’t work.

I’ve seen posts about people replacing their original Xbox hard drives so I’d imagine it’d be fine yeah.

I have experience with US systems. If you have a launch unit and are moving to a slim unit, you can pick up an HD transfer kit and then transfer your license data from your old box to your new one by following the instructions here:

If you are going from the same style xbox to a new one, just pop in your old hd to the new console and do the content transfer per above.

This is good timing. Microsoft will be selling the Xbox 1 again in November, so you could buy one then.

[quote=“Solo Wing”]

This is good timing. Microsoft will be selling the Xbox 1 again in November, so you could buy one then.[/quote]

Funny joke based on Xbox 1 (original) / Xbox One? Or are they actually reselling the original Xbox?

I completely thought Arc was talking about an original Xbox… but yeah if it’s an original 360 you can just pop the HDD onto another one… if it’s a slim 360 you’ll be getting it’ll require a transfer cable.

That sure would confuse matters even more!

I can confirm that you can easily swap the harddrive in the slim Xbox 360 too (but only if you’re replacing it with another slim 360). I think Arc was talking about the original Xbox though.

Sorry, I just assumed 360. Blame me for the confusion.

You should be able to just swap drives into a new Xbox and it should work as far as I know.

I was actually talking about the 360. :anjou_embarassed:

You could have been talking about a portable device running the Xbox Live app as well. Just covering all bases. :wink:

Anyway, with the 360, plugging the harddrive into a new console should work fine. However, for digital purchases, you’ll need to transfer the licences over to the new machine, otherwise you’ll have to be connected to Live to play your games (and they won’t work under other profiles). You can only do this once every six months. Here’s some information on how to transfer your licenses: … 36bc9c5637

Oh the 360, I presumed it was the original Xbox too hah.

Yup as stated it’s very easy with the 360. I went from an original model to a slim and just used an external hard drive as an inbetween transfer. Worked fine.