Sony reveals PlayStation 5 details


Sounds promising, especially the backward compatibility, although the hopefully the price won’t be too steep with that built in SSD. If Sony can produce a good selection of exclusives like they did for PlayStation 4 I’ll certainly be interested.


All to be expected really. Not sure when I’ll next get a new console though, I feel there are other things I’d like to do with my money and time first.


Like any console generation it will come down to what games are available for the system.

But you raise a good point about whether it will be worth buying new gaming hardware vs spending that money on other things. That’s one of the reasons why I’m looking forward to MCC on PC, as I won’t need to buy new hardware to play Halo again. There’s plenty of current gen games PS4 games of high quality that we’ve no doubt missed that would be worth exploring before the PS5’s graphics spoil them. :anjou_embarrassed:

With each console generation the visual upgrades become a bit less exciting too. I think many of the gameplay styles have been more or less defined now, making new games feel fresh because of their story or world instead (Horizon: Zero Dawn is a good example from the current generation).


Which is one of the reasons why VR is so appealing to me! It offered me a new experience. Sort of that next “level” of gaming.

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