Sony Just Got Owned

Well, I don’t know what kind of impact this will have for sure but it may turn out to be just what Nintendo and M$ need to get a bigger percentage of the market… Bad press for Sony is always good and this is propably the first time something that major has happened for the company in question. Atleast in the home consoles field.
It’s quite a big hit either way… And I assume they’ll also have to change some things for the controller of the PS3 which may put off consumers from buying it as well. We shall see!

I wonder why the MS and Sony controllers are in violation, but the GC ones aren’t. Hmmmmm

Yeah, and surely Nintendo was the first company to bring force-feedback to the console world anyway, with the N64 rumble pack? I’d assume that Sony and Microsoft took their lead from Nintendo, so it seems odd that they’re the ones having legal trouble, and at such a late stage; I haven’t read up on the specifics of this yet, though…

I am fully aware of my oft-demonstrated tendency towards verbosity and prolixity, but in witnessing a blow being dealt to Sony - regardless of the avenue from which it originated or its legal legitimacy - I may only declare…


And indeed…



I dont’ want things liek this to happen to Sony.I want Sony to lose the battle ON the battlefield.

The fact that Nintendo used an add on to create a rumble feature indicates a different technology used. Nintendo just brought this over in their built in rumble in the GC controller. While the Playstation controller I only assume used a technique or method that was already patented by the San Jose company Immersion. Sony just used this technology without permission and that is why they are being sued. But the truth is, the amount of money they are expected to pay each year ($27 million) really doesn’t do that much damage to a company the size of Sony.

Remind me: why do Sega fans despise Sony so much? :anjou_happy:

I don’t think is that big a deal, althought the legal battle with 3dfx(?) cost sega the chance to use dvd technologu in the DC sony is a big company with lots of money (althought not as much as M$) and the PS3 is nearly complete. Paying 1.37% royalties on the dualshock isnt likely to knock them of the market especially as PS2 is about to leave (although they may have to redesign the PS3 controller unless they pay teh royalities)…


When M$ settlled out of court part of the deal wa sthat they brought 10% of teh company, so in theory 10% of the royalties to sony will be going to M$, I bet Billy boy is loving it.

Sony’s having a bad year at the moment. This case won’t help matters.

YIPPEE!!! :anjou_wow: