Sony is working on official PC support for the PS VR2

Nice to see that Sony are planning to bring PS VR2 to PC. I might end up getting one of these if there is wide compatibility with existing PC software.

I saw this news. But Sony is still behind Oculus as far as tech and quality goes. And they have a worse user interface which makes it harder to navigate through. But anyway, I tried the original PSVR1 headset when it first came out and it looked horrible back then, since its two screens originally only had 960 x 1080 per eye. It looked like a screen door effect on the lenses. But fast forward years later and now PSVR2 has a resolution of 2,000 x 2,040 pixels per eye and also supports HDR. So, I’m assuming it looks good now? With clear high def screens.

The newest headset by Oculus, (Oculus Quest 3) has two LCD displays with a resolution of 2064Ă—2208, so this might look even better than PSVR2. Just to compare though, I still use the original Oculus CV1 and that has a resolution of 1080x1200 per eye and even this looks really good and clear. If you went with Oculus there are 4 different methods to link up to a PC: Air Link, Steam Link, Virtual Desktop and the Physical Link Cable.

I have VR2 for the PS5 so hope this is true and I can finally play Half-Life VR on the PC

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There might be some caveats as well to using PSVR2 on the PC. Like, latency issues, lower quality image due to having to connect with an outdated connecter cable and being forced to stream the image from your PC using your PS5. He talks about all of this in this video:

I watched the video. Personally, I don’t see Sony requiring a PS5 console to use PSVR2 on PC, as it wouldn’t be able to compete directly with other VR headsets.

Sony have ported the two mainline Horizon games to PC. It would logical to release PSVR2 as a preliminary step to porting VR titles such as Horizon Call of the Mountain to PC. More PCs are including USB Type-C ports, so that is become steadily less of an issue, but they could release an adapter to support older video cards.

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It’s also been announced that Sony is halting production of PSVR2. It’s barely been out a year. There is a major backlog of them, because frankly people aren’t buying them, it’s not being supported and there really isn’t a big enough library of PSVR2 games (At least on the PS5 side of things).

It might be okay for PC but if you are only buying it for PC VR then it wouldn’t be a good choice when you have Oculus Quest 3. Of which is fully supported and has a better user interface.

They are hitting pause on production, is my understanding, rather than outright cancelling it.

I can see the PSVR2 making sense for owners of both a PS5 and PC. One VR headset purchase instead of two. Also, the fact that Oculus is owned by Meta makes some of us uncomfortable, especially for an intimate device like a VR headset.

Before you buy, I would make sure everything works properly first when it’s connected to PC. Remember it wasn’t made for PC to begin with. People are going to have to do some major testing. I would wait a few months after the PC connectivity becomes available. Just to be safe. And go on forums or VR Discords to ask people how it is functioning and how the games play and look on it.

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“PlayStation VR2 PC adapter announced, releases August 7th. Unfortunately, Sony have confirmed that some key PS VR2 features will NOT be supported via this adapter: HDR, headset rumble, eye tracking, adaptive triggers and haptic feedback will not be supported.”

I personally wouldn’t recommend this if you can get a Quest 3.