Sonic Team LTD. is no more

AM8 is no longer a semi-independant development team like they have been for the past four years, and is now under the jurisdiction of the Sega Corporation again. More restructuring is coming, after the Sega/Sammy merger finalizes. Thoughts?

We’ve been discussing this latest sequence of events in another topic, and I’ve discussed it at Shining Force Central with a number of Sega fans who can only view the reintergration of Sega’s assets as a sign of the end times for Sega.

Sega Sammy seems especially keen to develop its games under the Sega banner only. In the eyes of some Sega fans, this can only mean that Sammy wants to horde all the credit wherever credit is due.

I think we should wait and see before jumping to conclusions.

More than likely our resident drone will provide us with some relief in terms of “It’s not bad news”.

I still don’t understand why this reintegration would be such a bad thing. If this is the same structure that Sega had four years ago, then where’s the problem? Sonic team confirmed that they would still keep their “Sonic Team” brand name. So why would this change mean the end of Sega?

I have no idea what this means for Sega. What I want to know is why Sega Sammy felt the need to reintegrate its outside studios back into Sega at all.

I certainly think this is good news for Shenmue fans though.

I dunno what to make of this.

You could also ask why Sega separated the studios in the first place. As far as I know (correct me if I’m wrong) this was simply done to make Sega profitable by making it a holding company that owned 99% of all the development studios. With the financial support from Sammy, it might seem logical that they returned Sega to its original state.

how would i go about contacting Sonic team? I know I should have done it earlier before the merger…

Can’t go into details, but it’s still going to be the same people making the same games. Nobody got up in arms when DMA got changed into Rockstar North. What gives?

Maybe people don’t get warm squishy feelings when they think about DMA? :slight_smile:

People get warm, squishy feelings when they think of Sega Wow?? :smiley:

I get squishy feelings when I think of…uh… Panzer Dragoon Saga… yeah that’s it…ahem

i haven’t liked sonic team in quite a while :confused:

Sonic Team were the responsible for Burning Rangers.I owe (sp?) them MUCH.

Did I mention I finally found the Burning Rangers soudntrack??! :smiley:

Oh yes, yes i did…

I still haven’t played my copy of Burning Rangers.