Sonic Team Interview - And Another

I’m re-posting this here because it seems people don’t realise it’s a new interview even though I changed the title of the Phantasy Star Universe thread…

A new Sonic Team interview about PSU by IGN. They have lots of photos of Sega’s HQ too. Also, this may explain why only the producers of games are mentioned rather than the actual teams in recent game announcements (Like a Dragon’s for example):


Or you guys just don’t care… :anjou_sigh:

Edit: Another interview from TGS (I think). … 633p1.html

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Hey I actually read the article I just don’t have any scrumscious (sp :P?) to talk about.I’m not a PS fan.

pets Al3x agehn

Another interview… Check the edit @ the top.

The more I read about PSU the more I think about giving ti a try.But I’m still worried about the similarities between this and FF.I think (and the interviews have also sugested that sometimes) they are trying to be a bit too similar to FF…

You should read through the PSU thread on here if you are getting enticed by these interviews. They barely state anything compared to previous articles that have appeared and linked in the other thread.

As for wanting to be similar to FF, well, just the fact it’s an action RPG makes it completely different on first place, with a very different pace. It’s obvious he’ll want to make FF references in public given the sheer popularity of that title and how the Online FFXI is going to be PSU’s main competitor for online gaming on PS2.

But even so, it’s not FF’s concept that is wrong, it’s the execution. I mean, all FF is about is “ok we need a cool world saving story, awesome looking characters and world/setting, sweet cut scenes, and a nifty battle system”. Same as any other Japanese RPG really… If they pull it off properly is another matter…

(I actually ahve been reading alot about PSU thread included)

Hmmm I dunno really.Gameplay formulas aside what I never liked in FF was the worlds itself.Multicolored soap opera settings.The posh and the trendy just aren’t my style…And now I see SEGA threading the same path.

Even eNCHANT arM.

Phantasy Star has always been in a colorful sci-fi setting (though the fashion has radically changed with the arrival of the PSO games, and now has changed again for PSU).