Sonic Rush

This title is looking more promising by the month. It seems that the team took Sonic back to his roots more than ever, while the GBA games where good, they still seemed like scaled down versions of the Genesis games. This one however seems to have everything going for it. Huge levels, a variety of enviroments, different playable characters, and tons of speed, with gorgeous graphics that do Sonic justice to his 2D roots. Plus the boss battles seem to be in a pseudo-3D style, just check out the trailer in the link below, while the window size might be small, you can tell this game is turning out well. I was thinking about purchasing the new Castlevania game for the DS, but after seeing more of this I think I will wait until Sonic Rush comes out in November.

Check it out.

the game does look pretty sweet. i just love how how fast it plays. im hoping they ignore the stylus/touchscreen thing entirely and just bring us some sweet old school sonic antics.

Have to admit it does look good. But i don’t necessarly go out of my way to buy Sonic games so it doesn’t really pull me.

That definitely looks very cool. Honestly, I had no idea there was a 2D Sonic game in development for the DS, but now that I know, I certainly have more reason to get one, sometime.

Yeah, I’m psyched.