Sonic Runners (new 2D Sonic game)

A upcoming 2D Sonic game for iOS and Android.

Looks promising, although I’m skeptical of how well it will play with touch controls.

I agree with you. Tried playing Sonic CD and 4 with touch controls, it sucked fox tail. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. They probably should at minimum stick to 3DS games or something.

Or make the game work well across multiple platforms. A PC release that works with the gamepad would be ideal.

Hey @Scott (if you’re reading this) it looks like the Chao are back.

yeah i saw! posted it on my twitter yesterday when someone showed me :smiley:
doesn’t look like anything more than a cameo though… nice to see you’re on the lookout for me ;D

Nice to see you’re still lurking here. :smiley:

Wow…you know it’s a sad time for the Sonic franchise, when a simple cell phone game where Sonic runs in one direction is better than the main series!

Yes, now that you mention it, there’s no evidence that Sonic can run backwards through the level. Or that you have any control over Sonic besides jumping. I hope that the Sonic Runners offers more depth than games like Flappy Bird where you only have one action (jump/flap).

Actually, It’s sad for me to say this but, one of the best Sonic games I’ve ever played (aside from S3&Knuckles/Sonic CD) wasn’t even made by Sonic Team.

As I mentioned before, Sonic After the Sequel is just the perfect Sonic game IMO; mixing what made the Gensisis games so exciting such as: cleverly placed platforming along with speed. The game feels like an evolution of the Genesis games with modern spins on level design, music, and originality.

Why can’t SEGA come to this realization…? I mean they were on the right track with Sonic 4…