Sonic Omens (The best 3D Sonic fangame I've ever played!)

So I just beat the first episode of the Sonic fangame Sonic Omens and it was…AWESOME! This is how a 3D Sonic fangame should be done! SEGA you better take notes! Music, story, level design, gameplay, all original. It has the tone and personality of a Sonic Adventure game and Sonic has his cool, carefree personality back. Apparently the game is being released in episodes. But this fist episode will keep you busy for hours: playing as Sonic, Shadow and flying the Tornado with Tails.

The gameplay is a combination of platforming and boost. Not to mention a few Tornado flying levels. And I think this is a good balance. The game is surprisingly challenging but in a good way! As the levels are broken up, ranging from boost gameplay to stopping from time to time to do some carefully designed platforming. Much like the Sonic Adventure games. The graphics look really nice, using Unreal Engine 4. Especially the level where you’re climbing up a giant tree and later escaping a massive flood rushing behind you at maximum velocity! It’s really exhilarating! Also, the music throughout the stages, to my knowledge is all original and sounds very professional.

I’ve never played a 3D Sonic fangame that had this much passion and care for the series. Just the presentation in the cutscenes alone is miles above anything SEGA themselves have done in the past few years. As the cutscenes themselves have a high quality cinematic feel. The voice acting is nothing special but the voices match up with how the characters are supposed to sound. Even if you can hear their Russian accents from time to time: as the game was developed by a collaboration of Russian developers called “Mania team” lead by Alex Dmitriev aka Bolt, which was later disbanded and merged with “Ouroboros Studio”.

In conclusion I think the devs of this fangame have pulled off something even SEGA hasn’t been able to do with the franchise, and that is: actually make a good 3D Sonic game! So, try it out and see for yourself!

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This is going to be awesome! Sonic Omens final episodes! Releasing August 2022!