Sonic Next Gen . Graphics To Die For


This is giving me the same Vibes as when 1st saw Sonic Adv in SEGA Saturn Mag (i.e PIE HOT!) It look stunning .

At last SONIC Team Japan seem to realised That we just want to play as SONIC and have the level’s built around him and his speed. If this is anyway near as good as SONIC adv I can?t wait.
Hope the music score is up there with Sonic Adv too, which must rank as one of the greatest music scores ever and must have cost tons on its own

Part from the windows on pic 6 it looks stunning.I wonder if I will ever play a Sonic game from start to finish in my life…

Part from the windows on pic 6 it looks stunning.I wonder if I will ever play a Sonic game from start to finish in my life…

Looks nice. =D Very nice indeed… now for a Wii version!

As to the music, I wouldn’t mind a back to basics approach. XD I want another memorable track like the Ice Cap zone. Heck, I wouldn’t mind a back to basics approach for Sonic, period.

The Wii won’t be getting this, but it will have its own exclusive.

These images make me sad. Very.
Where are the luscious green meadows? It’s all urban grunge now with Sonic :anjou_disappointment:


I liked some of the first screenshots (as seen above) but I can’t say the same about the new ones. It all looks good expect for the fact it’s a Sonic game with rings. If it wasn’t for that it would seem to be a cool futuristic action game, Sonic just doesn’t fit in a realism esque environment as seen in those screenshots imo.

And, those screenshots break the forums, please use links when they are too big to fit in the template… Not everyone has an uber fast connection either and these are quite large in size as well.

The very first Sonic game had the Scrap Brain zone. That’s more than enough reason to include a city-type level in this new game.

Wow it certianly look impressive!
I think having bright red bumpers with a big golden star on them looks ridiculous though in that future city setting.

The next generation Sonic is looking very impressive already.

I just hope the bugs that have plagued the series since Sonic Adventure 1 will not be present once again. Does anyone know if Sonic Team are creating a brand new engine for this game?

What are these “bugs” that you speak of? o_0

Erratic camera most notably.

you know everyone complained about the camera… i didn’t really have a problem with it. sure it was a bit awkward when you run around at high speed but i expected that, and didn’t really have a problem adapting to it…

But all previous Sonic city levels were big, and shiney, and futuristic! Not all post apocalyptic.

Kill me but I think they should have made it cell shaded… Realistic graphics isn’t what I want to see when it’s a game about a blue humanoid hedgehog and rings…

nah… Sonic Shuffle has cel shading. i mean with all this new power in next gen - i would much rather see what kind of graphics we could get. remember when we first saw sonic adventure?? If they were cel shaded i wouldn’t have been too impressed i think (worked great with JSR however…)

I agree completely with Al3xand3r. Cel-shading would do Sonic some major justice, if done properly. Check out the pre-rendered stuff from Level 5’s Rogue Galaxy for a perfect example of the best cel-shading around. Next-gen hardware could do that kind of stuff rather than have it as pre-rendered footage. I can’t wait to see Level 5’s next-gen projects.

The big problem with cel shading is that the majority of users react negatively to it. It skews the product toward a younger audience, due to the cartoonish look.

While those people will now think that this game, having a blue humanoid hedgehog and floating rings, is for grown ups? :anjou_sigh:

By the way, I hope those screenshots aren’t of Sonic breakdancing to defeat those red arachnoid robots…

well remember the original sonic audience? they’re probable all grown up now…