Sonic Lost World

Super Sonic Galaxy anyone?

WiiU version footage.

3DS version footage 1, 2, 3.

Production values could be better, it looks similar on both systems, but who knows.

That actually looks like a good Sonic game (did I just write that?).

I like the way they’ve made Sonic slower. It should feel more like a traditional Sonic platform game this time.

Yeah, hopefully they’re not throwing too much content like the previous Sonic games (side scrolling, nearly on-rails 3D, etc) in an attempt to please fans of those which would mean there’s less of the potentially good and relatively fresh stuff shown in the first parts of the video. That would be disappointing, like if Super Mario Galaxy only had a handful of 3D gameplay levels and the rest of the game was pure side scrolling much like New Super Mario Bros. or something, completely missing on the creative potential and fun the Galaxy as we know it showcased. They also still need to find a better way to handle attacking than the homing. Although it at least looks kind of neat here, the way Sonic bounces around.

[quote=“Solo Wing”]That actually looks like a good Sonic game (did I just write that?).

I like the way they’ve made Sonic slower. It should feel more like a traditional Sonic platform game this time.[/quote]

I totally agree. This is the first time I’ve seen a 3D Sonic game that I’d actually want to play. Too bad Sega made this game exclusive to Nintendo. In the long run I think that’s a really poor decision on their part.

Yeah, I agree. On the bright side, at least you have another reason to own a Wii U besides Bayonetta 2 now!

What would be a better choice than 3DS? As for the WiiU version, despite its lackluster performance so far, which is bound to improve somewhat once one or two big titles are released, Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed did relatively well on it. Plus, there’s no reason to believe they’re getting nothing out of the exclusivity arrangement (even if only as a pay off to previous deals that greatly benefited SEGA, like getting to use Mario).

There are certainly benefits, such as Nintendo apparently handling the publishing and marketing. But it also means Sonic is missing out on the next-gen launch. The sales of Sonic games have weakened considerably on non-Nintendo systems due to their poor quality. Sonic Generations was a step in the right direction, but Lost World feels like it’s really a (much needed) departure from the previous 3D Sonic titles. It looks like this game might actually have good gameplay, something which I haven’t seen in any 3D Sonic games.

So to get back to my point about the exclusive deal being a bad idea: they finally seem to get it right, and then have the game miss out on the launch of two next-gen consoles. They’re missing a huge opportunity to revive the Sonic franchise.

A Nintendo exclusive Sonic (that for all we know may not have actually existed at all in this form without Nintendo’s involvement, much like Platinum’s Bayonetta 2 for example, plus the jury is out on its quality still) doesn’t stop them from doing a “next gen” Sonic if they agree with that. Just as Sonic Colors was Wii exclusive but Generations a year later wasn’t on Wii. So, to get back to my point, it’s pretty much impossible for outsiders to know what they gain out of this situation to weigh it against what they may potentially hypothetically miss out on.

The developers stated the game was in development before they even knew about the Wii U, so it was probably initially planned for the PS3, Xbox360 and PC. It’s true that the exclusivity deal is “only” for three games, but that will most likely prevent Sonic from appearing as a launch title for the next-gen consoles.

I don’t disagree with that, it’s just that I’d like to see Sega focus more on making multi-platform titles.

Sure, multiplatform is good. But money and services earn exclusivity. I would love to have it all on my PC. Past E3 I’ll be torn on what to consider investing in, I’m only really considering a 3DS at this point (mostly thanks to Monster Hunter, Shin Megami Tensei and a few first party titles so far) but I’m sure there will be other systems that will try to wow me with exclusives past that. More than one most likely (I’ll probably want the next 3D Mario they’ll be unveiling for Wii U for one, unless they try something different and fail at making it a must have, similar to Sunshine, who knows what Sony and MS will do).

Honestly I’d be glad if Nintendo stopped trying in the home console market, providing a handheld hybrid (3DS 2 with higher resolution, the return of book mode, twin sliders, 4 shoulder buttons and multi touch, with HDMI out and Wii U style GamePads for local multiplayer/TV play), Sony stopped trying in the handheld market and only provided a home console (PS5 or also a handheld hybrid, Vita 2 with HDMI out and DualShocks for local multiplayer/TV play), and Microsoft just stuck with a PC spec (supporting and having publishers target it for x number of years, providing them in small, tablet, or whatever form they want and offering the same optional live and cloud services). All their offerings on far less hardware, competition for time and money still there in a different form, and not amongst their own self each on top, win win for me. Their recent troubles in the respective markets could enable the viability of this scenario (at least for two of the three companies) making it more than my selfish wish, unless they somehow turn things around or come up with something more disruptive and successful for the next gen.

3DS Trailer

Apparently this is one of those Sonic games bashed by critics but loved by the fans.

I just bought the Wind Waker HD WiiU bundle; so I’ll be picking up this game soon. I’m super excited for the Nights into Dreams Sonic level!

Nice. I would probably get Sonic Lost World if I had a Wii U, but right now it’s my least desired of the next gen consoles.

Here is a video of the Sonic Nights into Dreams level! Oh the nostalgia!

Really? On other forums I’ve been to, even Sonic fans have taken a few swings at it.

I sort of regret my purchase of this game. While being mostly fun, It just feels off for sonic. He feels clunky at times while running on walls and they slowed him down way too much. The level design while mildly interesting, is a bit bland and feels lazily thrown together at certain sections.

I think they really had a good balance with Sonic Generations/Colors’ speed+stop for platforming+more speed, formula.

And while I know the story is aimed for kids, I felt this was shamefully kindergarten school level. Can the age level get any lower? Sonic and all of the characters act like retards! I had to stop and tell myself, “You’re a grown man you shouldn’t be feeling embarrassed!”

If I wasn’t a sonic fan I’d rent this first to see how you like it. While I can admire them for trying something new, I just feel all the pieces didn’t fit together smoothly… :anjou_sad: