Sonic in Invisible Hole Zone

So I bought Sonic Adventure, and in theory it seems like more fun than I gave it credit for. But the collision detection is by far the worst in any game I’ve ever played.

I mean, occansionally glitching through the ground is one thing, but I’m on the Windy whatsit zone, and I’ve now lost two continues just by following the pretermined path as I’m told, then coming to an abrupt stop somewhere in the middle of the sky and falling to my doom. This is getting ridiculous… I mean, it actually seems impossible to finish the level!

Have I got a faulty copy or something?

I’ve actually beaten Sonic Adventure, so I don’t recall a glitch being that serious. However it’s been a while since I’ve played the game so my memory of specific levels are fuzzy.

The trick to most of it is to hold forward at all times.

On some loops and being thrown through the air etc, you don’t have enough momentum to go all the way round. Holding forward does the trick generally.