Sonic and the Fallen Star (Another awesome fan game!)

Just discovered and played through another recent Sonic fan game called: Sonic and the Fallen Star. This Sonic fan game stands out above the rest because of its incredibly creative art direction. The pixel art is amazing and the game has stylized cutscenes that play out after each zone.

Sonic has a uniquely designed model that is specific to this fan game. He looks great and has a super spin dash, his drop dash from Mania, as well as his peel out move from Sonic CD. The special stages are unique as well similar to the ones in Sonic Mania except you run directly forward avoiding obstacles as you collect rings and blue orbs until you make it to the emerald.

The Zones are full of vibrant designs with an assortment of enemies and bosses. The pixel art really stands on its own in this game with lava carnivals, a sprawling city-scape full of flying cars and chili dog stands, as well as surreal forest levels where Sonic creates rainbows as he runs across the water! The bosses are also fun to fight as well. Each one having unique move sets and ways to take them out.

While the game isn’t perfect with a few bugs here and there, this is on par and just as creative as the After the Sequel fan game. For more info check out this vid:

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