Sonic Adventure 2 re-release confirmed … this-fall/

The trailer is pretty hilarious.

This is an HD widescreen re-release. For those who haven’t seen the leaked screenshots, there’s some info here: … -xbox-com/
And screenshots here: … hots-these

Jet Set Radio HD, NiGHTS HD, and now Sonic Adventure 2 HD. It’s a good year to be an old-school Sega fan.

No PC version though?

I guess it’s not different enough from the current PC version to warrant releasing.

There was a PC version? Perhaps you’re thinking of the original Sonic Adventure.

Huh, looks like I was wrong. Well, first time for everything…

Still, it was the first Sonic game I didn’t really like so I can’t say it was ever dear to my heart.

lol at that trailer.

I’m not in the habit of buying the same game twice but since my Dreamcasts are failing to read discs properly I will probably buy SA2 again if it ever comes to Steam.

Not as fun or charming as the first game; the hunting/shooting sections that most people complain about are actually pretty dull, and the music was mostly terrible unlike the catchy music from SA. Come to think of it I’ll probably give this one a miss unless it gets heavily discounted in a Steam sale or something.

I haven’t bought a Sonic game since Sonic Heroes on the Gamecube which put me off the series for good. Now that Sega are shifting focus to their core games I really hope that they can produce a high quality Sonic game. Fun gameplay, catchy music, plenty of charm, this stuff should be no problem for Sega (!).

Anyway, looking forward to Jet Set Radio and NiGHTS; hopefully Shenmue, Skies of Arcadia and Panzer Dragoon will follow suit ^^

I stopped buying the games after Sonic Heroes as well, with the exception of Sonic 4 Episode 1 (which I wouldn’t recommend either). Might pick up Sonic Generations in the future though.

Sonic Adventure 2 contained some fun stages, but much of it was deeply flawed. The same can be said of the first game, but it’s possible to overlook the bad parts. Similarly with the NiGHTS sequel. In many ways, Journey of Dreams took the same approach as SA2, forcing you to complete other gameplay style levels in order to continue with the primary gameplay style levels. At least with the original Sonic Adventure you could play all the way through as Sonic without interruption. There was no requirement to play as other characters to finish the game as Sonic.

Hi Solo, I guess we’re in the same boat then ^^

Did you try the Sonic 4 demo before buying? I didn’t like it. I didn’t feel the satisfaction of controlling Sonic like in the Mega Drive games and it just felt shallow and soulless. I thought the Generations demo was surprisingly good (but not great) and will also probably pick it up cheap if I can.

I agree with your points about SA2. I suspect most people buy Sonic games to play as Sonic, which seemed beyond Sega for some reason up until late. If they’re determined to pad out a game with weaker side-character gameplay, then as you suggest make it optional for the player. Sonic should comprise the meat of the game, and if Sega need to use side characters as a crutch then they should go back to the drawing board. Sega need to show more confidence in their mascot; Generations was a positive step forward and I hope their next game will have just as much effort put into it.

And yep SA2 had it’s moments. Metal Harbor was my fav’ stage; good fun and catchy music too. I’ll probably buy it again just to replay this stage alone lol

Solo/Shadow do you guys have a Steam account? If you do, I’d like to add you to my friend’s list ^^
I think I saw a gamertag topic somewhere around here before, but I’m not sure if PSN/Steam ID’s were in there too?

I think Sonic Generations was actually on the Steam deals a few days ago (-75%), and it’s still -40% at the moment. It’s probably the best Sonic game since the Megadrive ones but unfortunately that still doesn’t make it a good game, especially towards the end it really falls apart. I doubt I’ll pick up Sonic Adventure 2 for that matter.

Yeah I tried it first. I wanted to see what the rest of the game was like, so I purchased the full game. I wouldn’t recommend it over many other great games that are available for the same price, but I wouldn’t call it terrible game either.

Yeah, Metal Harbour was great. Also the two forest stages. I liked most of the Sonic and Shadow stages, but not so much the emphasis on grinding and avoiding death pits.

[quote=“RYB”]Solo/Shadow do you guys have a Steam account? If you do, I’d like to add you to my friend’s list ^^
I think I saw a gamertag topic somewhere around here before, but I’m not sure if PSN/Steam ID’s were in there too?[/quote]

I made a topic for this a while back: … php?t=3328

I liked SA1 and 2 better than 3D stage in the Generations demo, for reasons I’ve outlined here, here. The 2D level in Sonic Generations demo was good though.

Thanks for mentioning the Steam deal. I actually saw it, but I won’t be buying the PC version anytime soon as I don’t have the hardware to run it.

SA2 was cool. Hunting stages lacked replay value but the rest was fine, I enjoyed score-attacking Gamma’s stages in SA1 so having loads of those was great fun.

The fact that I’ve already bought the game twice (DC, GC) means I feel less inclined to get it again though, but that’s hardly stopped me buying Sonic 2 for 5 or so times.

SA2 was amazing, and I love it to bits

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