Sona Mi Areru Ec Sancitu vs. Anu Orta Veniya

which is your favorite?

Sona Mi Areru Ec Sancitu was nice and somewhat mysterious sounding; it was a good theme for saga. very tribal, very well done.

Anu Orta Veniya starts out like that, but then it builds in intensity and ends up being this epic song that almost sounds imperial with such a horns section. this is supported in the encyclopedia where it says that the new empire had been annexing southern countries and taking in a lot of their influences. the lyrics make it seem like a tribal song, but perhaps it was being performed infront of the empire upperclass, so they had to make it more grandiose…

i like Anu Orta Veniya more just as a song :slight_smile:

Anu Orta Veniya. Without a doubt.

It’s just so incredibly powerful… I think it’s good at the start when you hear this tiny little warbling voice and tender drumbeat, and then Eri Itoh’s voice booms in and the song completely kickstarts…

I haven’t heard the both of them, so i decline to vote.

Sona Mi Areru Ec Sancitu all the way. I love how it starts out with just the vocal duet (it is a duet, right?), then the drums sort of fade in… and then BAM! full-out orchestral trumpet-blaring goodness. It does kind of end on a downer, but other than that, it’s an awesome song.

And what’s with the third option?


My second choice would be Sona Mi Areru Ec Sancitu.Anu Orta doesn’t even come close…

No prizes on who voted for the Dark Dragon.
Anu Orta Veniya all the way.

No prizes for me then… I vote Dark Dragon.

arcie didn’t beat saga or orta?

edit- ok, i assumed “the both of them” meant he hadn’t heard either of them. but i suppose it could also mean he hadn’t heard one of the two.

arcie hasn’t beaten orta?

i think plays anu orta veniya occasionally (and you can request it…) but i would reccomend waiting for a time when it isn’t very busy or else you’ll have to sit through hours of sucky final fantasy music and that ****ing ten minute long super smash brothers medley…

yeah, i never go there anymore…

He’s beaten Saga. 30-odd times. Reread his post =P

Sona here.

Sona Mi Areru Ec Sancitu

Sona Mi. Don’t know why… huh, I felt it was more touching, I guess… although it’s a close one.

Sona… no doubt about it.

I’ve beaten Saga 39 times, last count.

I just haven’t got the necessary X-Box to play Orta yet. I’ll give it a bash during the summer sometime, hopefully.

? isso a? meu irm?o!!!

Sona… for sure.

Anu orta venia is way to generic. Some if the instruements in Sona are midi, but even professionals can hardly tell. Anu ? It’s all Midi, especially the Choir.

Also is there any reference in theme in Anu to the othere pieces? Sona in fact is THE PDS theme, the Azel theme. I take it that PDO was produced much cheaper and therefor we can be glad that there was any ending song at all.

LOVE them both but SONA is the clear winner.

Must say Eri Itoh has 1 hell of voice on her. She just belts it outt for all she worth

i don’t think it sounds like/was a midi at all :confused:

and the choir was yumiko takahashi.

It’s Sona Mi Areru Ec Sancitu for me as well. (I don’t have any kind of intelligent or musically knowledgeable reason why, I just thought that Sona sounded more fitting and appropriate.)

Same here :slight_smile:

Heh, this topic just motivated me to listen to my PDS soundtrack for the first time in awhile.

Added bonus: My roomate isn’t here to give me funny looks.