Something from GameFAQs that might interest y'all

Check out numbers 3, 2 and 1.

If sequels to any of those top three games arrived on the next generation of consoles, I’d be a very, very happy gamer.

Haha, that’s great. I mean… Considering that I wrote it and all.

Even tho I loved every Lok game I reckon we need a new RPG like the original.As for those three I can really only comment on Nights and PDS and of course I too think it’s about time!!

Last Blade 3 doesn’t sound bad at all either.

hahaha cool coincidence =)

however i wouldn’t like a sequel to NiGHTS
Still not sure about Saga (and opinions are very mixed about Orta)

A sequel to Saga would rock. Until I played it I couldn’t image Panzer Dragoon as anything but a shooter but after playing for a while I’m so hooked I’d campout to get a sequel to saga if it was ever made.