Some Sort of New Shenmue Is Coming

The story is at andriasang.

“The third Shenmue game has been announced at last! Sega is currently developing Shenmue City for Yahoo! Japan and DeNA’s new Yahoo! Mobage service.”

“The release refers to the game as “the third entry” in the series, although this probably isn’t meant to mean that it’s Shenmue III.”

“Shenmue City will feature alongside such games as One Million Person Ambition of Nobunaga from Tecmo Koei and Persona Social from Atlus on the new service.”

My guess is it’s gonna be crap like facebook games or something (a similar service runs on mobile phones), but maybe there will be some parts of value to check out… Famitsu says it will continue the story from part two for example (hey, fans said they’d take the story scribbled on a napkin if they could, right?) though the press release doesn’t have that information so I don’t know if they have other sources or just guessed this part.

It’ll be crap, any story will be short, and it’ll be designed for casual gamers to waste time with.

However, if it continues from SII in any kind of English, I’m there.

That reminds me of Shenmue Online - what happened to that?

I’m pretty sure it was cancelled. Since it was a Korea-exclusive title and the gameplay looked nothing like original Shenmue, (characters shooting fireballs) I don’t think it’s too great a loss.

But yeah, I don’t want to make some account on a Yahoo! Facebook clone to play what I imagine to be a clone of Farmville only with vague references to mirrors. Still, this will hopefully get people on Facebook to stop spamming “SHENMUE 3” on every news post Sega makes, no matter how irrelevant.

Fireballs would probably (and sadly) get in Shenmue at some point anyway, the supernatural element came very strongly at the end of the second.

I’m ok with Ryu and Lan-Di in a fireball fight at some point.

The entire population of Hong Kong though? It’s a little (very) ridiculous.

I think it time people just except Shenmue III and IV are never going to happen . It be better that way

The site is up, andriasang has translated some information. It’s apparently being developed by Ys Net, Yu Suzuki’s studio that was opened a couple years ago.

Some new feature details can be read here, although it’s not clear if all that “exploring” and the “events” described are little more than, well, clicking on icons and screenshots or whatever it is you do in other social games… But at least it mentions interaction with over 200 characters which should be enough for Suzuki to give us story bits. Yet probably not sequel bits as it seems to be set in Yokosuka so it’s probably a prequel story wise…

Oh God. He’s back!

Shenmue City Sees Full Unveiling Next Week
Yu Suzuki and Segata Sanshiro to take the stage at press conference.

It has began. Mobile version only for now, PC comes later. Some wallpapers here. I like the first one. Let’s hope it does well and they see value in Ys Net doing a real sequel.