Some more Panzer Dragoon stuff to collect

Thought I’d post a few pictures of some relatively new Panzer Dragoon things I’ve gotten

At this year’s Tokyo Game Show SEGA had a collection of pins called the masterpiece collection. I believe they were in some sort of gacha machine, but I’m not certain. The entire collection is visible here:

but of special interest are the Panzer Dragoon and Zwei pins. I got my hands on them and they are pictured here:

A little while back SEGA, Archie Comics and Capcom got together to make a cross-over series of comics for Sonic and Mega Man called Worlds Collide. All told, it was 13 issues long and spanned several comic franchises, but for the most part was a story about Mega Man and Sonic meeting to thwart the combined forces of Drs. Wily and Robotnik. However, the reception was great enough that SEGA, Archie and Capcom got together again for another series called Worlds Unite, which went far deeper than the previous series. This saga spanned 15 issues and included characters from Mega Man, Sonic, Street Fighter, Okami, NiGHTS, Golden Axe, Skies of Arcadia (yay!), a few others, and even Panzer Dragoon! There are a few covers which feature the Solo Wing and Keil Fluge, one of which is this Mega Man #52 (it says 12 as it’s issue 12 of the Worlds Unite series)

I’m working on getting my hands on the other covers which feature the dragon and reading my way through the series to find all the parts with Panzer things.


Nice, I didn’t know that these badges existed. Since they’re official we should prepare some encyclopeadia entries and photos for the site.

Unfortunately information about these pins is pretty hard to find since they never left Japan and to my knowledge were only available at TGS. I can get all the pictures you want, though. Not sure I want to take them out of their packaging.

I’m not sure how much Panzer is mentioned in the comic books, but they are officially licensed by SEGA, too.

We could add the WU covers featuring Panzer to the site as well.

I’ve set you up with a main site login to add photos and such. You should get an email about that. I guess we just add as much info as we can obtain…

As usual, I don’t really know what I’m doing. I think I put the images in some other thread somewhere else, dropping them here just in case anyone’s interested and sees the thread

Cool. Were you going to take further photos of the badges too?

No problem, should get a chance in the next day or two. Any specific shots you’re looking for?

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I don’t have anything specific in mind besides good, clear photos. Have a look at other product photos on the site for ideas if you want.

As far as I know, Panzer Dragoon was featured on two covers in this Sonic series.

Both times on the last issue, which was Mega Man #52. It appears twice because although the comics are the same there are three different covers for this comic, the “regular”, Variant 1 and Variant 2. Panzer Dragoon is featured on both Variants.

Variant 1 is in the gallery above, variant 2 is part of a 12 cover interconnecting image and is here:

As for the pins, I took closer shots of the individual pins, and the backs which are identical.

I also got my hands on a small Panzer Dragoon II Promotional poster, and I’ve got shots of the front and back of that along with the pins here:

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