Some more gems of gaming: The Witcher and Treasure of Rudra

I just finished playing The Withcer the Enhanced Edition and I have to say: it was an amazing game! :anjou_happy: The main character was deep and the story was involving and epic enough to hold my attention the entire game. The battle system was expertly done with intense sword fighting and magic casting. As well as potion creation that is both fun and involving (you even gather your own herbs to make your potions!). A must buy if your computer can handle it.

I’ve also recently discovered Treasure of the Rudra for SNES. Another game that passed over the radar as Square opted to never translate. :anjou_sigh:

But if you play the English translated rom all is well. The game has beautiful graphics like those of Secret of Mana. The Mantra (magic) system is intuitive as anything you write becomes a spell. So if I were to put let’s say ‘Solowing’ as a spell, I might just get a fire spell, light, void, water, earth, or any other spell of another element! I even put my own name and I received a pretty strong spell! The story is what you’d expect from most SNES Japanese rpg’s, but it’s good none the less, involving 4 characters each having their own chapters. You replay the game over each time you beat one of the main characters chapters to all meet up at the end for the final battle. So, check these gems out. You won’t be disappointed especially with The Witcer!

I can see why The Witcher got 2007 game of the year from various gaming sources. I just can’t put it into words. It’s like nothing I’ve ever played before, similar to the feeling I had when first playing PDS! There is also a sequel on the way, for any of you who may be playing it, loving it, and wondering. :anjou_happy:

There is also a 13 episode tv series if you’re interested in that. Just go to The Witcher Wiki.

Treasure of Rudra was great but very hard. So hard in fact I used Action-replay codes. But it was innovative using different Mantras you find or enter in yourself. Loved the story and how everything came together at the end. So all I can say is: More great gems added to my collection, and hopefully yours!

You say you finished The Witcher in both those posts :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, It’s more of a continuous afterthought really, not with it today. :anjou_sigh: An edit was made.

I’m just wondering if my computer will be able to handle the next Withcer game. It was just able to play it with an up and down frame rate. But it wasn’t unplayable, just a little choppy.

I can’t imagine what I’d need to have for specs for the next game… :anjou_disappointment:

I would say that depends on if they plan to use a new engine or vastly improve the current one, or merely use the same as it is. Valve games have had the same specs (more or less) since 2004. Their latest, TF2 and Left 4 Dead, still run fine on such systems, even if lacking certain visual effects (but still presentable). Perhaps CD Projekt will follow a similar route, especially given the audience they want to attract. I’d hope they just improve the current engine a little, it really should run better on many of the good systems which try to run the game and fail to get a consistent frame rate.

My friend has a very good system, at least 2x better than mine, all the requirements met and then some.

Thing is: The Witcher was freezing at cut-scenes, and then the disc couldn’t even be read. I just don’t get it? With all the patches downloaded and all the technical help, he still couldn’t get it to run properly.

And here I was with a sub-par gaming machine just over the specs by like 1% was able to play it with no lingering problems. I just don’t get it?

Here is a video showing brief CG/gameplay glimpses of the Witcher sequel:

Footage from The Withcer 2 starts at 0:48 into the vid.

Visual quality seemed identical, if refined, so I’d expect the same requirements really. Of course they’ll hopefully sort out the problems with certain set ups too. Nice to see them expanding into more projects.

Yeah, they’re really bringing themselves up to speed. And what’s practically unheard of: They actually care about the fans of their games!

They worked on The Witcher a full year after it’s release to make it near perfection. New dialogue, new animations, new content. Great developers!
Whoever already had the original game, received all this new content for free.