Solo Wing Rider

Don’t know if this question has been answered since I’m new to this site, but does anyone know anything about the 1st mysterious rider of the solo wing from PD1? I’ve been reading up on PD for a few years now and I hope I’m on the right track with every dragon being lagi just resurrected.

Also, anyone know where I can get the Pure Blood Seed MP3? I had it once and then lost it.

i think lance’s drone theory is the most widely accepted but some still say that it’s lundi from panzer dragoon zwei.

sega xtreme’s soundtrack section has the song you were looking for (as well as many many others)

There’s a fair amount of information on the Sky Rider on this site, so here’s some links besides Lance’s theory: … theory.php … theory.php … theory.php … _rider.php … _rider.php

And some information from PDO’s Pandora’s Box:

As for the dragon being the same or different dragons in each game, well, that is quite a complicated issue due to the lack of clear evidence and questionable translations. There is this theory which covers one viewpoint, however: … ory_01.php

I’d say that he was a drone (probably the one who was destined to ride the dragon, like Azel/Atolm, that explains the dragons’ grief when the rider died). Everything points in that direction but some people still disagree.

yeah a drone and his name was ELOH TOLP :anjou_happy:

The different dragons theory is awesome. There are a few things I was thinking of however

he = Heresey Program right? And not Lagi. (Unless Lagi was the name for the Heresey program) then the Heresey Program went into the "Dragon Crest"
But a question that I want to know… is there where did the “blue dragon” come from? Thanks to Lance I belive their was two different dragons, due to the fact that I cannot tie up how they could be one (yet)

I think we are missing way too much of the Sky Riders background =(
Was there another Heresey Program that merged with his dragon? Or maybe it was the same one as Lagi’s but it split up? Then each Heresey Program morphed its “subject” into the Solowing to perform part of its duty, and then the bothed seeked refuge after they discarded their Solo Wings into crests. When the 2 Dragons from these crests combine… It ultimatly crates the Final Dragon Form that is capable of destroying Sestren?

I was in the process of PMing Geoffrey Duke when I thought I should post it here…

I was reading the theory on how Lundi = Sky Rider
I was wondering how you (or anyone else) think this is put together storyline-wise?

At the moment I can’t see how they can be the same. I mean, Lundi and Lagi seperate, and Lagi dies with the Heresey Program going into the Dragon Crest. Do you think Lundi finds another dragon to try and continue his quest? If so It could tie in with what I posted above, he finds another dragon but gets killed while trying to complete his task, Kyle takes over, does it, the Heresay Program from that dragon goes into the crest where Edge falls down and then so on.
Might seem farfetched however…

EDIT: something I just found that fits in quite nicely

Where is this from? It will help me understand my points more :slight_smile:

I personally think at the end of PDZ Lagi actually wanted to go into the dragon crest, as this was a means to get back into the Sestren system. (all “normal” passageways might have been alert and heavily guarded)

and also I could imagine that the “his body was cold as stone” thing was a total mistranslation or even made up by chris (as he made up most of the stuff, he can’t speak a single word japanese).

I have to get my hands on the japanese PDS discs somehow to doublecheck the text, by now I’m confident I can translate it pretty well. (translate, not read it fluent and understand at once)

It’s generally accepted that all the dragons were the same. Members of Smilebit even said that the dragon you ride in Panzer Dragoon Orta was the same dragon seen in, and returning from the events of, the Saturn trilogy.

Also, Lundi refers to the dragon that entered hibernation (whether it slept or went into the crest) as “Lagi”, not the Heresy dragon. Lundi never makes a distinction between Lagi and the Heresy dragon – he regarded them as one and the same.

And for the record, I no longer believe that the Sky Rider was Lundi. I’ve highlighted all the possible identities of the mysterious masked rider in my recently rewritten Sky Rider character summary.

Although all evidence points to him being a drone, I’m rather fond of the idea of the Sky Rider being a direct ancestor of the ancients (assuming the ancients weren’t quite human), or an actual ancient himself.

What are these sources may I ask?

If returning to Sestren was that easy, the Heresy dragon wouldn’t have needed Azel to open up a gateway to Sestren in order to kill the Sestren AI.

Besides, the Seekers said that Sestren could only be reached through an active Tower… if they can be trusted.


What are these sources may I ask?[/quote]

Mukaiyama-san (the guy who designed the battle system for Panzer Dragoon Saga I believe), and Abadd (a man who needs no introduction).

That was my original assumption (in fact that’s what I wrote up in my first “different dragons” article), but currently I get the impression that it really was Lagi (the dragon) that went into the crest at the end of PDZ. Or at least, whatever was left of Lagi if his body actually was exhausted and dying, as our translation implies - his spirit or consciousness, or whatever it might be called in the PD world. That’s the idea I’ve gone with in the current “different dragons” article, too (the one Solo linked to above).

Assuming for the moment that it wasn’t Lagi, I’d say it was simply a second dragon that was guided by the dragon-entity we saw at the end of Panzer Dragoon Saga - the butterfly-like Heresy Program, Heresy Dragon or whatever it might “really” be called. In that case I expect the Blue Dragon would have been a Coolia (or a similar creature), which the dragon-program entered into, guided, empowered and evolved, just as it did with Lagi previously.

As I’ve said in the past, I’m mainly convinced that the dragons might be different creatures because of the dragon pup in Panzer Dragoon Saga, which can be rescued from the crest inside Shelcoof. I find it very hard (nearly impossible) to believe that Team Andromeda didn’t want us to think of that pup as Lagi, reborn with a rejuvenated body after years of slumber within the crest; and of course if that was the case, then Kyle’s dragon and Edge’s dragon would have to be different creatures entirely… but yeah, I’ve written this up far more articulately in the different dragons article, so I won’t bore you guys by labouring the point. :anjou_happy:)


[quote=“Scott”]I was reading the theory on how Lundi = Sky Rider
I was wondering how you (or anyone else) think this is put together storyline-wise?[/quote]

If the Sky Rider hadn’t been confirmed not to be Lundi, I’d say that it might be possible. Lagi could have simply gone into hibernation at the end of Panzer Dragoon Zwei, and then reemerged in the same form with Lundi as his rider. Skiad Ops Endow was researching drones after the end of PDZ, so it’s possible that he found a drone’s armour similar to the Dark Dragon’s rider, and then became the Sky Rider. This, of course, doesn’t explain the green light that leaves him as he dies.

I personally think Lagi went into some sort of hibernation (or ‘deep sleep’) at the end of Panzer Dragoon Zwei, and reemerged in Panzer Dragoon leaving behind his ‘son’, the baby dragon, in the crest. That would explain why the baby dragon in Saga looks similar to the dragon pup at the start of Zwei. One of these days I’ll get a theory up on the site about this…

That Dragon pup really wrecked havoc into the storyline, eh? :anjou_happy:
If he wasn’t so cute I’d kick him. :anjou_embarassed:

Game developers have the power of changing characters names in sequels if they want :anjou_happy:

Thanks for the info guys. Yea I went to SegaXtreme before and the music doesn’t seem to want to download of me. Does the Dragon Crest, at the begining of PDS when Edge was finding keys for the elevator, have any significance at all?

Take a look at the Different Dragons theory =)
At least i think its mentioned in that

Yeah, if the dragon crest at the beginning of PDS is meant to have any significance I expect it’d be what I described there (on Page 2 I think), or something along those lines. Of course, there’s always the possibility that the dragon crest was “just there” in those ruins and that it wasn’t really meant to have anything to do with the plot, sort of like the other crest in the Red Ruins.

I’m not sure if I’ve asked you this before Solo, but what’s your take on the “ghost dragon” that appears inside Shelcoof in PDS?

As you know, I’ve taken this as a strong indication that it was Lagi himself inside the crest, and that the spectral dragon was a projection of him that emerged to guide Edge to the crest chamber. (This apparition even uses Lagi’s Solo Wing model from PDZ, instead of the new Solo Wing model we see in PDS.) I see how the pup could be Lagi’s offspring, but what are your thoughts on this guy, and how would you fit him into the explanation?

The crest in the forest of Zoah WAS plot related.The Shellcoof scene shows that.

The crest in the forest was made to enhance the dragon with the power of the forms seen in Zwei.

I’d say the ghost is somehow a part of the Heresy program helping us.

The other part beeing inside our dragon and Lagi’s spirit beeing inside our dragon too.