Solo wing Dragon in Saga

Im havin a heck of a time trying to unlock the blue dragon. Where do i find the dragon pup? And what is with the farm with all the baby dragons in the box game?

First, get all 12 D-Units - Lagi will turn into the Light Wing.
Return to Georgius and enter the Ancient ship. The dragon pup is within.
Now go to the Forest of Zoah. Fly undernearth the forest and enter the Red Ruins. There should be four ruins the need to be activated here. Activating these should open the four doors to the central ruin. Fly in each of the four doors - two of them should have crests in them, and either one or both (it’s been a while since I’ve played it) of these has to be activated in order to merge the two dragons together and create the Solo Wing.

By the way, the correct name is actually “Dragon Solo Wing”. Yes, you’ve all been misinformed all this time :wink:

Saying Dragon Eye Wing and saying Eye Wing Dragon is the same isn’t it?!!!

So what do you do if Gorgious i not there? i think i sunk it or somthing earlier in the game

Sucks to be you.

Well you start the game over and this time you DO NOT destroy shellcoof :slight_smile:

heh, that was my mistake first time through.

I remember saving the game to see what would happen if I destroyed all those “thingies” :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it even worth the time of starting a new game? i just beat it last night. does the blue dragon morph or have anything over the light wing? AND what is with the ranch in the box game?

The ranch is unexplained (i don’t think an explanation exists tho :P)!

As for the Solo Wing, if you are a REAL Panzer Dragoon fan you WILL liek to see it…

Plus I can tell you it can morph itself…

hey now dont give me the “if your a real fan” crap… lol you should see my wedding ring, =P

I’m not saying you are not…
But really you should tro to get Solo Wing.

I would really like to see that ring :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

i dont have a way of putting pics on the net yet but as soon as i do ill surley post pics of it. its a gold band with the black lines from ancient machines on it there are also a few black dots on it. my buddy if a jewler and i took him some pictures from the game booklets to put on the ring. i must say its one of the coolest things i own.

[quote=“GehnTheBerserker”]The ranch is unexplained (i don’t think an explanation exists tho :P)!

The coolia pup idea for the Solo Wing was suggested by someone called Dermot, who was leaving Sega immediately after the release of PDS. In tribute, they created this small area with several coolia pups.

As for the Solo Wing, it’s just extra powerful. Personally, I like the Light Wing because a) you get all the skills and full gauge berserks without changing class and b) you look helluva cool. Unfortunately, I miss the costomisation and always go solo in the end.

I like beeing the Dark Dragon and Arc thanks I already know that but I was talking about the objectif of the Dermot game…

The thing about the Light Wing, though, is that its attribute gauges are all locked at 100 (just like the base wing).

It’s a swank lookin’ beast, however (not as swank as the combo attack/agility Eye Wing, but what is?), and it even hovers without flapping its wings!

My friend Darky is!!!Where have you spent the last 5 years of your life?In a cave?!


I did that the first time. Annoying isn’t it?