So yeah... stumbled across another thing: Dragon's Heaven

This sounded vaguely familiar, someone may have mentioned it before, but it’s obviously quite obscure. Circa 1988 and beyond the general Moebius / Nausicaa similarity, some of the details seem too close to be coincidence. But make of it what you will.

Seems like someone was copying Moebius again…

Definitely referencing Moebuis style, unapologetically I’d say. But the "after 1000 years… " introduction bit was some serious deja vu, and you also got the rivalry / reckoning between two ancient weapons; and with the proportion and angles of the horn-like part and jowly bits of the protagonist robot, doesn’t it bear a striking resemblance to the Dark Dragon?

There’s no particularly deep story connection, but for the atmosphere and scenario it really does seem like it must have influenced someone on Team Andromeda.