So, who here has actually played Saga?

I’m just interested to know.

I own Saga, have completed Saga, and wrote a 162K FAQ on Saga.

I own & have completed PDS about 5 times now, and the game’s condition is still as fresh as the day I bought it! (?35 from Electronics Boutique, now GAME)

Yeah, I own it. My copy is still in great condition too. Everything is there.

Of course I’ve completed it. Dozens upon dozens of times.

I have completed it but do not own it anymore
Don’t ask -.-;;

Does my record of 38 completions still stand?

I wouldn’t be here unless I owned PDS.

I own PDS and have completed it gasp once.

second option x.x

First option.

…and what’s stopping you, Scott?


And yes, I have.

I own/have beaten it too.

I only played 21 times or so :frowning:

I own it, and have completed it umpteen times.

I own it and have completed it…hey, I might just go and do that again!..or try and complete Shining Force 3…damn thing taken me ages…anyways, yeah completed it

Ok, well you see, after playing the demo i bought the game - I had no experience of RPGs, Levels, etc - so i played through the game merrily until i got to the anti dragons - when i actually realised what levels were, power increase etc. - at this point i think i had a level 42 dragon. After I found this out i decided to start again and play thought it with my new found knowledge.

Then I got to Uru Underground and stopped playing it for aaaaages
Then i read arcies guide (great :slight_smile: and rrealised how much i missed
so recently i decided to start again (again) and try and go for 100% completion :slight_smile:

ah, explains it…man, I remember when I first tried to play PDS…when I had no experience and the manual confused me…the game confused me:P I got to that queen Baldor thing and couldn’t get passed her…left the game alone for a year came bk to it and like wahey excellent:D…but the game made me hungry cos I played without eating alll day usually:P then I had dinner and I was alright^_^

Of course I own it and have completed it!
It’s still the only game that I’ve called in sick at college/work to play on.

I’ve done that with KOTOR and Halo, hehehe

I pretended to be sick once 1. because there was this project I hadn’t done and 2. to play shining force 3:P we going a bit off subject but what the hey…me thinks on me 3rd try I’ll raise a defence dragon maybe…