So quiet - What about Project Draco?

Hi there,

man. its been so fuxxin quiet here lately. No news about Draco. No news at all :frowning: The game is coming out this fall and i couldnt find any news so far (videos,previews etc.) which makes me wonder.

PS: I?m still hoping for an PDS HD - XBL Release someday.

fireleo rynex

Yeah, we’ve heard very little since TGS 2010. Hopefully they’ll show us a bit more on TGS this year, but it is still too far from now.

I’m sure everyone who heard of Panzer Dragoon wants a PDS rerelease/HD remake/sequel/what have you.

Maybe they’ll release another trailer at E3 (or offer a playable demo). That’s not too far away.

I have a feeling that its going to be fun but I hope it doesn’t relay to much on the gimmick.